Nail Art Services

Nail Art Services

Nail Art is an important part for enhancing your overall looks. It is a creative way to paint , decorate, look attractive and embellish nails. Because of the nail art you can also create your own identity through colors, fashion and shapes. It is a type of art that can be done on fingernails and also toe nails. The nail art shines your beauty and gives you a beautiful look.

The nail industry grew after the invention of the nail polishes. Most women but also men search on many online platforms like youtube, Facebook and Instagram to learn how to do the latest and most interesting Nail Art Designs at home. Women use nail art to express his personality. The different types of nail arts define a woman with a good personality. By using the different types of nail polishes you can give your nails a different and better look.

Now in the age of internet and common use of social media the trend becomes environmental activities among women. With the help of social media you can connect with the mass audience and also they started sharing ideas and also designs on the internet as their creativity. There are many salons here that do nail art, but if you are looking for a good Nail Art Salon, Vioz Salon is the best. Vioz Salon also has many beautiful designs which will enhance your personality. We have the best designs at a suitable price and we also have the Best Professional Nail Art Artists. Visiting our website where you will find more information about the salon or you will also find the Best Nail Art Designs that you can do. We will get the best discount also as compared to the salon located near you.

Best Nail Artist in Dwarka, Delhi

Types of Nail Art from Vioz Salon

We have the Best Nail Art Designs that enhance your overall look.

  1. 3d Nail Art: Many stars like Dua lipa and Megan thee have been wearing 3D Nail Art. This design gives you a different look because it adds dimensions and texture. Vioz Salon - 3d Nail Art Studio has the best artists who are professional in doing the 3D Nail Art.
  2. Airbrush Nails: This nail art is very popular as it also known as airbrush art in which uses gel paint and a hand airbrush spray to spray color seamlessly onto the nails. People are flocking to salons asking for the style. This design was popular in the 2000s and has had a recovery on Instagram.
  3. Negative Space Nails: This Nail Art Design is related to the mistakes the more mistakes you make, the more abstract your nails look. If you’re into the design with the lines while painting your nails then, the negative space design is best for you. This style looks artsy and cool.
  4. Dual Finish Nails: Mostly women confused between matte and glossy. This Nail Art Design cleared your confusion because they are both matte and glossy. It is the dual- finish trend and more and more people are interested in this type of style. Adding a matte topcoat to the base of your nails and keeping the tips glossy is a great way to try the trend yourself.
  5. Velvet Nails: It is a type of a Nail Art in which the effect of a specific type of polish formula that gives a dimensional shimmery velvet appearance. It includes a unique polish and also magnet to control the movement of velvet sparkles.
Vioz salon has many more designs which you can see by visiting our salon which is located near you.

Benefits of Nail Art done by Vioz Salon

  1. Nail Art helps you to cover up any imperfections on your Nails.
  2. Great way to express yourself with the help of Nail Art.
  3. Nail Art is perfect for you when you want to change your looks in an instant!
  4. Vioz Salon has professional artists that will do your work with perfection.
  5. Vioz has the best prices as compared to other salons.
  6. Vioz has the most unique or innovative designs which will add to your personality.

Things include in Nail Art

  1. Nail art stickers.
  2. Topcoat and base coat.
  3. Dotting tools.
  4. Striping tapes.
  5. Loose glitters.
  6. Nail polishes.
  7. Nail stamping kit.
Best Nail Artsit in Dwarka, Delhi
Best Nail Artsit in Dwarka, Delhi

Best Nail Art Studio in Delhi, India

Nail Art in India is become very popular in which everyone continues to get involved. This piece of content on Vioz page will help you understand about Nail Art. Nail art spices up your overall looks. From a simple nail to a beautiful nail, you consider yourself more beautiful, which also increases your confidence. Also enhances your overall personality. Vioz will help you grow your personality.

Nail polish is used in nail art. It is a type of lacquer which is used to paint and decorate fingernails and toenails. Nail polish contains a number of chemicals because it has to be flexible, strong, peeling and resist chipping. For making a smooth surface on a coat of nail polish our artists use film formers. Nail polish also helps you to strengthen nails. Nail polish makes your nails shiny and attractive. Visit our salon and we have the best collection of nail polishes also.

Rhinestones and striping tapes are used to give a shiny attractive look to your nails. Having different colors and sizes or shapes of rhinestones adds an extra style and bling to your nails. Types of rhinestones have different charms of their own like - acrylic, glitter or crystal. Striping tapes are very thin and help you to add lines in your nail designs. Striping tapes have many different colors and textures which gives an attractive look to your nail.

Topcoat and base coat, a good top coat extends the life of your manicure and also protects your nails and adds shine to them. A base coat helps to protect your nail polish and yellowing nails. You also used a calcium based base coat to help strengthen your nails.

Also many things used in nail art. Our artists use the best quality of products which are worth and last long. Our artists work with the best techniques that will suit you and enhance your personality.

Nail Art Services Provided By Vioz Salon In Dwarka, Delhi

As you know, Vioz Salon provides the Best Nail Art Services in Dwarka, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, and Faridabad. We have a team of Professional Nail Artists who know how to make your nails attractive and beautiful with our awesome designs. The Best Nail Art is the combination of the best base coat polishes with some art in the nails like designs with some glitters adding to your art makes perfect and beautiful nail that suit on you.

Nail Art FAQs

Nail Art is a creative way to paint, decorate, look attractive and Embellish Nails.

  1. Nail Art helps you to cover up any imperfections on your Nails.
  2. Great way to express yourself with the help of Nail Art.
  1. Nail Art Tape
  2. Dotting Tools
  3. Brushes
  4. Glitters
  5. Nail Polish Remover
  6. Topcoat
  7. Nail Polish

First of all, the nails are cleaned and the dead skin and cuticles around the nails are removed. Thereafter, a base coat of paint is applied on them, usually of white colour, so as to ensure that the design shows up prettily. In some cases, if a natural look is desired, no base coat is applied.

Metallic, velvet, chrome Nail Art is in trend.

Having healthy, beautiful, and Trendy Nails can bring more self-confidence and can boost your self-esteem.

Gel and Acrylic Nail Art last longer and you don't have to worry about ruining your nails after doing the dishes or laundry.

The first actual record of nail art was from the short-lived Inca Empire (1438-1533), which at that time was one of the largest empires in South America. Incas decorated their nails by painting eagles on them. In 1770, the first fancy gold and silver manicure sets were created.

Best Nail Artsit in Dwarka, Delhi

Nails Art Designs


  • Natural look gel extensions
  • Natural look gel extensions with gel polish
  • Natural look acrylic extensions
  • Natural look acrylic extensions with gel polish
  • French look
  • Glittler look
  • Overlay with gel polish
  • Overlay without gel polish
  • Gel polish (thin coating)
  • Foot extensions

Metallic Shades

  • Chrome single shade
  • Chrome double shade
  • Holographic
  • Ombre look with gel polish
  • Ombre look without gel polish
  • Cat eye look


  • Extensions
  • Overlay
  • Gel polish


  • Gel extensions (with gel polish)
  • Gel extensions (without gel polish)
  • Acrylic extensions (with gel polish)
  • Acrylic extensions (without gel polish)

Nail Art

  • Marble
  • Tape
  • Stone
  • 3d