Facial and clean ups


Facial and clean ups

Facial and Cleanup bring a glow to your natural beauty because they are a part of your skincare. Many people avoid skincare because they believe that these treatments are time-consuming and are expensive. But the reality is that Facial and Cleanup are the essential skincare treatment and should not be avoided. To get a clear picture of Facial and Cleanup, read more about it.


A Facial involves skin care treatment for the face, like steam, exfoliation, facial massage, and many more. They are utilized for general skin wellbeing, just as for explicit skin conditions.

If you want to look younger or transform your skin into a cleaner and softer version of it, then a relaxing Facial is all you need. It aids in removing clogged pores and reduces the impact of harmful environmental factors like sun exposure, smoking, etc. It also helps in proper blood circulation and cell rejuvenation.

Facial treatments give pleasure because you forget the outside world for that period. It is not a one-time procedure because you have to get facials regularly to get smooth skin. From Gold Facial to Fruit Facial, there are different types of Facials to choose from, and you should choose it according to your skin type.

Does facial at home provides the same effects just as at a salon?

This is a common question that arises in the mind of all those people who want to have a facial at home . We can suggest multiple methods for this, like homemade solutions, facial cream , and many more. But in our everyday life full of hustle, who has time for homemade solutions or pamper their skin at home? Isn't that so?

One more fact is that a facial massage done by an expert is far more relaxing than the one done at home. An expert works on your stress points that helps reducing stress and gives you a soothing effect. Therefore, we can say that an expert's Facial at the salon is far more relaxing than a facial at home .


Your skin is exposed to many harmful particles like dirt and pollution. They snatch away the glow of your face. Cleanup helps to maintain skin as fit as a fiddle.

A face cleanup is not as across the board as a facial. A cleanup involves purifying the skin thoroughly, exfoliating, steaming, followed by toning and moisturizing. A face cleanup assists with eliminating hints of dirt, makeup, sebum, pollution, and dead skin cells. Regular cleanups keep the skin healthy and maintain its glow.


Few benefits of Cleanup are:

  1. Keeps the skin free from debris, dirt, and oil.
  2. Relaxes the pores of your skin, dispose of blackheads and diminish clogging of the skin pores.
  3. A cleanup will diminish the effects of tan and treats the pigmentation marks all over.
  4. Profound cleaning hydrates your skin and keeps it soft and nourished.

What is the difference between Facial and Cleanup?

  • A Facial includes special treatments like massage, but a cleanup does not include it.
  • A Facial is a bit pricey than a cleanup .
  • A Facial treatment takes more time than cleanup
  • Chemical peels can be included in Facials and not cleanup .
  • In addition to cleanup services like deep cleansing, exfoliation, and removal of blackheads; Facials also include moisturizer, serum, and face mask
  • There are more variety of Facials available than cleanup .


In conclusion, we can say that if you want a cleansing procedure for your skin, then you can go for a cleanup , but if you want a proper treatment for your skin, then you should go for a Facial.

If you're confused about the duration of facials and cleanups, then you need not too. You can go for a facial every 3-4 weeks and a cleanup every fortnight. All you need to do is pick a salon with qualified experts who will guide you with the exact time according to your skin.

We at Vioz treat you with relaxing facials and Cleanup. These fantastic services not only enhance your natural beauty but also keep blemishes at bay. The products used during the Facial and Cleanup are from the best Facial and Cleanup kits available in the market. We recommend different types of facial according to the skin types because we believe that facial should suit the client's skin.

We all crave lovely skin, sans the flaws; however, we barely put in the additional efforts. But now it's high time that you include our Facial and Cleanup in your beauty regimen and indeed witnesses the change in your skin. If you're still sitting on the fence, we recommend you visit Vioz and experience the best.


The cost varies from salon to salon. Facial in India does not cost too much, and spending on facial is worth it. There are usually various offers available on facials.

When you go for a facial , though you only pay for services, you also get time for relaxation. It also aids in removing clogged pores and reduces the impact of harmful environmental factors like sun exposure, smoking, etc.

Face cleanups are always a pleasure. It keeps the skin healthy, glowing, and hydrated. It even removes tanning and relaxes your skin.

There are numerous cleanups options available in all the salons. There is no specific cleanup that is best for everyone. So the best cleanup for the face depends on the skin type of the client.


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