On the wedding day, every bride wants to look astounding and needs to catch everyone's eye. This is the day when she desires to look picture-perfect by all means. Wedding day is an extremely hectic day for ladies, and to be an active part of all the ceremonies, a decent makeover for the wedding will help brides put their best self forward. Bridal makeup should mirror your personality (your wedding is a milestone, not a regular life event), complement your outfit (clearly), and, in particular, remain intact through the entire function and the photos.

Your first step is obviously to select your bridal outfit because, on that day, all the eyes will be on you and your outfit. The second important task is to book a makeup artist who will enhance your natural beauty and help you look like a million dollars. Wedding hair and makeup assume a quintessential part in each lady's look. The makeup and hair must be inventive yet appropriate for the lady. It should complement their look and outfit.

We believe that communication is the best key to get the best look. So, we request our brides to share all her requirements with us at the time of booking. When a bride books us, we arrange a makeup trial I needed, gives her some beauty tips she should follow till the day of the wedding, and even give her advice about the jewellery she can wear with her outfit. We at Vioz salon make sure that our bride looks exceptionally gorgeous on the most important day of her life because Vioz is the best beauty salon in Dwarka and we want our brides to look like the best brides of India.

Few things we discuss with our bride at the time of booking:

  • 1. Timings
  • 2. Location
  • 3. Indoor or Outdoor
  • 4. Color of her dress and jewellery
  • 5. Hairstyle and hair accessories
  • 6. Is there any specific look she wants?

There are three types of makeup provided by Vioz Salon. We are sharing a little bit of knowledge about makeup so that you feel confident when you come to us on your special day. The types of bridal makeup we provide are:

Basic makeup- This makeup is done with traditional techniques where we use silicon-based products and cream-based products. Nowadays, this is not that popular as the coverage is a bit less and does not have waterproof quality. It is simple bridal makeup but yes, the most significant advantage of it is that it is budget-friendly.

HD Makeup- It is trending nowadays as everyone wants a very natural and classy look on their special day. All the products used are HD which has sound, long-lasting effects. It is crack-free and perfect for HD cameras where makeup can hide all the flaws. In a normal market, this is said to be celebrity makeup.

Airbrush- This is a very advanced technique in the makeup industry and is the best bridal makeup done by a machine designed for makeup. This makeup is highly recommended for the brides as this has the best lasting, near about 20 hr. The important part is it is very hygienic because the products that are used are untouched and fresh.

Here are few tips for the brides to be followed before her big day:

  • 1. Get good quality sleep
  • 2. Double cleanse your face
  • 3. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated
  • 4. Don't apply any makeup before your booking with the makeup artist
  • 5. Don't go for any facial treatment or eyebrow correction just before your wedding function
  • 6. Avoid taking any stress
  • 7. Try to fix a makeup trial with your makeup artist

Wedding traditions are considerably different around the world. We make sure that the bride looks best and confident on her big day. So, do visit Vioz, the best salon in Dwarka, and get a chance to experience some fantastic offers for your pre-bridal as well as bridal makeup.