How Can I Book an Appointment at a Salon in Delhi?


I am sure all girls visit the salon at least once a month. Many of us go for cheap packages and end up with terrible brows and painful waxing. A friend of mine once told me that in a salon she went to, one person waxed their left hand, the second person waxed their right hand, and the third person waxed their facial at the same time! I was just horrified to hear the experience, we went to a salon to pamper and relax. Are you in so much pain? Here I am listing some of the best salons and the best treatments they offer. It’s a little more expensive than the local salons but well worth the experience. Read on for the 5 best salon treatments to try.

  1. Vioz Salons Head Massage:

Vioz Salons offers some of the best hairdressing services out there. The stylists are well trained and experts in their profession. It’s the only salon I loved the hair spa I got. They also offer warm and relaxing head massages. Head massages are that they not only offer regular head massages with olive oil, coconut oil but also use special essential oils. You can choose from essential oils of tea tree, rosemary, patchouli, geranium, lavender, oil of vitamin E, etc. Depending on your hair type and concern, I have never seen these essential oils in other scalp massage salons.

Hair price: Rs. 525 for head massage and Rs.750 for head massage with shampoo.

Address Dwarka:-

Address Palam:-

  1. Enrich Salons Black Masks:

Another service to try out is the Enrich Salon, believe me, they have a very good set-up and decoration and they help you to relax immediately upon entering 1 we offer every Tuesday. Your Black Masks are basically a detox, detox, and glow treatment. If you suffer from a deep tan on your face, arms, legs, or feet, this Black Mask is the perfect solution for you. The natural ingredients and minerals contained in the mask remove oil and dirt from your face, while the antioxidants energize and rejuvenate your skin, you may notice an immediate stripping effect. Tip: Some new services have just been launched such as Mango Detan and Watermelon Splash. for hands and legs.

Price: 1200 rupees for the face and neck, 900 rupees for the feet, 2000 rupees for half hands, and 3000 rupees for half legs

  1. Toni and Guy Essensuals Icecream Pedicure and Manicure:

The perfect summer gift is not just a can to eat. full of ice cream, but also with these exotic ice cream pedicures and manicures! The treatment consists of bubbling bath bombs that instantly melt in the water, softening and refreshing hands and feet. In addition, at Essensuals you can opt for a candle massage in addition to the ice pedicure if you have very dry feet that require intense moisture.

Price: Rs.900-1100

  1. Toni and Guy Essensuals Eye and Lip Care: Eyes and lips are often the most neglected parts of our face. Although we often choose to have facials, our eyes and lips are left untreated. If you have dark circles, fine lines, and dry, chapped lips, try this eye and lip care product from Essensual. This is a good treatment, especially for software engineers, as it helps relax and soothe tired eyes during the massage.

Price: Around Rs. 650

  1. YLG Premium Coffee and Luxury Gold Waxing:

Gone are the days when waxing was tedious and just a job.YLG took growth to a new level by introducing luxury. YLG is known for its hair removal services and has experts in it. They offer different variations of hair removal like green tea, lavender, lemon, and chocolate. Two of the notable and unique. these are Premium Coffee Waxing and Luxury Gold Waxing. Not only are they painless and smell good, but they also offer other benefits such as detangling, slowing hair growth, and long-lasting shine.

Price: Full Arms With Full Legs And Under Arms Rs.599 for Premium Coffee Wax and Rs. 699 for Luxury Gold Wax

The digitized global platform enables people to get their needs easily on their doorstep. After the advent of on-demand service platforms, many industries have switched their workflows to digitized brands. Likewise, booking an appointment for salon service is easy with an on-demand salon appointment booking app from big names like SpotnRides in the on-demand area.

Procedure for reserving an appointment in the salon:

  • Complete the user registration process to access the salon application
  • Search the potential salon stores in the specified location via the salon application
  • Review the previous review from beauticians and customer salons.
  • Check the available appointment times.
  • Click the Book an appointment button.
  • Check the price list and confirm your reservation.
  • If you want to pay online with your credit/debit card or PayPal, or digital wallet, etc. via the app or you simply choose the cash on delivery option and pay on-site after the end of your shift.

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