Bridal Guide: Airbrush Makeup


As you walk down the aisle, anybody’s attention may be on your pretty face and the stunning wedding dress. Cameras will be just capturing the most memorable part of your wedding day.  With this in thought, you may want your wedding makeup to appear amazing.

Airbrush vs traditional makeup has its benefits and cons!  Every Makeup Artist comes with their personal opinion on what’s fine for you. In the end, it all depends on your private desire.  So, to be more at ease on your wedding day put it together a day/week ahead.  It is really useful to do a trial of your bridal makeup and spot what works high-quality with your skin type.

In this text, we have laid down all of the records about each makeup kind so that you can analyze them.  This will assist you’re making an informed choice.

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Q: What is Airbrush Make-up?

Airbrush Make-up is a thin mist of controlled air that pushes out color (foundation) through a small gun attached to an air compressor. The foundation consistency is thinner than your conventional foundation taking into consideration a smooth mist and consistent flow of air to create a fair product finish over the top of the pores and skin. The foundation can be sprayed onto the face for flawless insurance and long wear. The makeup also can be applied with the aim of a gentle herbal appearance if favored. The specific airbrush products may be used for basis, bronzer, blush, and highlight. Think of it as a better approach to prolonged wear basis.

Q: What is the Principle distinction between conventional makeup and airbrush makeup?

The key distinction between airbrush make-up and traditional make-up is the way the product is carried out. Traditional make-up is carried out by means of hand equipment along with a broom, splendor blender, or sponge and it could be labored into the pores and skin for an even end. The insurance of traditional make-up can variety from an herbal dewy glow to a matte heavy/full coverage based totally on the formula. Traditional merchandise which includes powder, bronzer, and blush may be used alongside a traditional basis.


Airbrush makeup gets a terrible wrap on the subject of coverage. Some girls are under the influence airbrush makeup simplest gives a light natural finish and others have suggested airbrush product simplest gives you a heavy finish. A super make-up utility, whether or not it’s far conventional makeup or airbrush make-up, is primarily based all on the artist at the back of the application. The insurance of the airbrush is without difficulty adjustable and controlled by the cause at the gun and the air stress putting.

Imagine if you were spraying paint with a paint gun across a white wall in your bedroom. We’re repainting this wall white to freshen it up and make it pop once more. The original painted white wall indicates each little detail, mark, & ding (think of this as blemishes). Naturally, we need our walls to be perfect and perfect once more. It does not imply we want it to be a unique shade nor can we want a heavy amount of paint slapped on. The overall aim is to convey the wall returned to lifestyles once more by using giving it a clean look. The identical concept goes into play for airbrush make-up, traditional makeup, and perfecting the skin for a perfect finish.


Airbrush Advantages:

  • seamless insurance,
  • ideal herbal finish
  • non-comedogenic (it might not clog your pores)
  • hypoallergenic
  • light-weight
  • does no longer switch
  • gives a bond to be able to stay strong for 6 to 8 hours

Airbrush Disadvantage:

  • the product doesn’t paint properly with sunburn, extra hair, or dry pores and skin.
  • The great mist will pick out up any excellent hairs or dry skin patches.
  • Re-touch ups will spoil down the insurance if it is a silicone-primarily based airbrush formula


We base our application choice on the favored impact the customer would love to obtain and the blessings and downsides of every method.

Like traditional make-up, airbrush make-up has a collection of formulas primarily based on the finish you are attempting to achieve

  1. Silicone-primarily based system is the made of choice for brides it gives a mild to complete insurance this is smudge-free, lengthy-lasting, and excellent for hiding imperfections.
  2. Water-Based: this method will provide more of a dewy glow with prolonged wear.
  3. Alcohol-Based: water-resistant; assume Halloween make-up or tattoo coverage.

Flawless Finish: Which Produces the Best Results?

What works for one bride might be terrible for another. That’s why we won’t go as far as pronouncing that airbrush makeup is higher than traditional make-up.

The make-up you turn out to be using has to be primarily based on your skin worries. And as mentioned in this article, airbrush make-up and conventional make-up each have merits. At the top of the day, your non-public choice, collectively with a proper consultation together with your make-up artist, ought to be the figuring out a component in terms of deciding on between traditional vs airbrush makeup!

Both airbrush and traditional make-up programs are extremely good alternatives for a critical event. The key factor for amazing wedding day make-up is the man or woman at the back of the service. Make positive your nearby makeup artist has clean information about each makeup packages and the appearance you are trying to reap. During the inquiry, the stage asks as many questions as feasible. Questions assist create a clear line of verbal exchange and it makes our task easier as wedding ceremony stylists.

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