Which salon franchise is best in India


Salon Franchise in our country makes a great benefit if they are well supported by the label itself. A label that has gained the faith of the customers through the years leads to a benefit-able franchise. The universe of beauty is run by skillful individuals who have expertise in their zones.

You should look for a faithful name to put your cash on and hire trained people for the real work and you’re great to go. When it comes to a fair haircut or a facial, the customer selected the brand that they can faith in. A similar goes with the salon franchise. You should choose a brand that you can have faith in.

We have been empowering people with our salon services for the last 2 years. We are the fastest growing salon chain in India. We have an award winning team of beauticians who are experts in various beauty treatments and hair care treatments. Our team consists of expert hair stylists, nail technicians, makeup artists, aestheticians and makeover specialists. We offer a wide range of services that include hairstyling, hair care treatments, skin care treatments, makeup application, manicure and pedicure services

Vioz Salon is the premier salon franchise. Our company is committed to offering the best customer service, latest hairstyles, styling products, and highest quality beauty treatments in India.

Vioz salon franchise in India

Vioz salon franchise in India

It is a great favorite brand in the nation and has salons all over the regions. Clients faith this brand for its reputation along with its products. This is a very benefit able franchise option.

Since the label is well-reputed, the great task is to live up to the standards. The organization is pretty sincere about clients’ satisfaction. If you are an excellent beauty expert, the doors for you are already opened for this franchise.

Shahnaz Hussain
Franchise launch year: 1975
Initial Investment: 21- 32 lakhs INR

Its franchise Salon is lavish and lush and everything you do visualize about the diva herself. Her beauty is ageless and astonishing and so are her salons. The group is a famous salon in India that utilizes Indian Ayurvedic and Herbal methods to cater to clients’ beauty needs. The franchise opportunity is open for both International Training and salons Centres.

Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon

Franchise launch year: 2014
Initial Investment: 20- 30 lakhs INR

It is the most famous on the list. Jawed is a reputed name in the hairstyling world. Even his products are trusted exceedingly due to his expertise in the zone.

Therefore, this salon franchise can prove to very benefit able. The required zone is 600-1000 sq. ft. The services involve all hair treatments along with facial, manicure, and pedicure. It is one of the chief Hair and Beauty salon chains in the nation. The organization is promoted by Jawed Habib, a respectful Hair Expert who began the organization with a vision to offer quality beauty services and hairstyling to the widen populace of the nation. Hair and Beauty services are offered through the organization’s own and franchised outlets. The organization also runs academies to pass on quality education in beauty and hair to aspirants in the profession of Beauty and Hair Dressing.

Studio11 Salon and Spa

Franchise launch year: 2013
Initial Investment: 30-50 lakhs INR

The organization will accept the franchise with commercial property with a floor region of 800-1500 sq. ft. The location is favored to be in an upscale residential area. The franchise holder must promise proficiency in the beauty industry. The organization will support marketing and training.

Truefitt & Hill

Franchise launch year: 2015
Initial Investment: 1 – 2.5 crore INR

It is a famous luxury salon that is pretty upscale. They do have their products involving shaving creams, skincare, razors, and bath products. The area and design should represent the standard of the organization.

Juice Salon

Franchise launch year: 2005
Initial Investment: 50 lakhs – 1 crore INR

It is looking for franchise holders who are passionate about the beauty industry and keen to help the brand reach new heights. The organization will support interior design, marketing strategy, location evaluation, and set up a salon for operations. Royalty would be 9%. When it comes to stylish looks, this place sets a high standard. The salon is one of the leading brands in the planet of beauty and hair care. 

They focus to offer a pleasant comfortable environment and experience for their customers, tailoring the best makeover for each person. JUICE, at present, has opened up more than a few stores around the planet. 

Their global reach makes it a perfect franchise venture for numerous entrepreneurs—a well-reputed label with certain years of history in the industry. 

Green Trends

Franchise launch year: 2010
Initial Investment: 30- 52 lakh INR

It is familiar for its friendly staff and top-class services. The carpet region should be 1200-1400 sq. ft. with a minimum frontal of 15-20 sq. ft. If you are attentive, you should take initiative and do apply from their official website. The organization offers full support with vendor management, training, and pre-launch promotion. It is one of the top 10 salons in India. It provides color services and trendy haircuts, complete bridal packages, and skincare solutions, at reasonable rates. Equipped with knowledge on a huge variety of professional hair and skincare products, our well-trained professional stylists offer friendly service. Conveniently close, we’re situated right in your neighborhood. You can also explore your favorite world-class hair care brands, such as Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Matrix, Wella, and many more at this salon.

Neeldavid’s International Salon

Franchise launch year: 2014
Initial Investment: 10- 21 lakh INR

With a 250-1500 sq. ft. required zone, they promised a 40% profit margin in the foremost years. Royalty Commission will beyond every month. The salon provides all types of hair and skin treatments so trained staff should be required.

Strands Salon

Franchise launch year: 2007
Initial Investment: 2- 5.5 lakh INR

As the name suggests, this salon brand in India treats your strands and leaves them looking glossy and luscious. For franchise also, they offer a ton of facilities to make it hassle-free for you. The required zone is 800-2000 sq. ft. so there’s pretty much a margin there. Provisions are huge as they promise a good percentage of return on investment as well as with the marketing and training.

Cut & Style

Franchise launch year: 2018
Initial Investment: 30 – 51 lakh INR

It is a go-to salon for many people to freshen up their look at a pretty reasonable price. The franchise is easy to take up and the brand helps you with site selection which is uncommon as many prefer the site to be selected before the agreement. They also provide technical support, design and interior ideas, and training.

Vikas Marwah’s Hair and Salon Academy

Franchise Launch year: 2015
Initial Investment: 8-10 lakhs

Here Salon offers signature haircuts with beauty treatments and edgy looks. It’s a new salon so it’s going to be trendy. Famous among the masses, this Salon can turn out to be pretty profitable. Be a chunk of the good salon franchise in India. This Salon is a popular organization in India has enjoyed over a decade of success. Our salon team inherits Vikas’s Signature styling and cutting techniques. A beauty salon franchise like ours is here to stay and work! Do not miss out on the chance of owning one of the good hair salon franchise in India.

Louis Unisex Salon

Franchise Launch year: 2015
Initial Investment: 5 lakhs (approx.)

It is an internationally acclaimed place that clients trust. It has around a thousand salons in over 90 cities. If you bag this franchise, have your job is done as the label offers complete marketing, business planning, designing, and training solutions. For so many years, this place has gained countless approvals from clients worldwide. They endorse beauty as a blend of  youthfulness, style, and charisma

The salon provides hair treatment, hair styling, makeup, hair texture, facial, nail care, hand & feet, grooming, and skincare.

Over the years, this salon has been trusted by its franchisees and customers. They have great knowledge and experience with the salon world that makes humans rely on them completely. 

Besides full assistance and support to their franchisees, annual conventions are also held for all the salon franchises in the country. Training for customer service, beauty skills, and business operations are also offered.

Shab’s Beauty Salon and Bridal studio

Franchise launch year: 2004
Initial Investment: 15 lakhs ( approx.)

This salon offers full support with designing and training. They cater to all the requirements of the franchise and are familiar with pre and post-training solutions. This is a hair salon completely for men as the name suggests. The fully-equipped place was set up by Shabbir Jan-a a popular Pakistani TV actor. We help the franchisee in every way so as to make their business a success. We offer Pre Training starting from the setup of the Business to its successful running. We also offer Post Training to the Franchise holders i.e. auditing and checking all the services being done by the franchisee at their zone.

Looks Unisex Salon

Franchise Launch year: 1989
Initial Investment: 1-1.5 crore

This salon is extremely popular among younger Indians for its great hairstyling techniques. It offers many services like massages and beauty treatments. The required zone of the salon is 250 sq. ft. The staff must be highly trained as excel in the area.

4000 Salons in many cities in the globe passed the demanding Louis Salon accreditation process and are now shaping the complete global Circle of Salon. It provides an entrepreneur the best of both planets – the potential to own their franchise business, and ongoing access to help in business planning, management, training, retention, recruiting, advertising, and marketing. Plus, they have the potential of a national brand working for them, many hours a day, all days a week, to provide them more salon business.

Geetanjali Salon Franchise

Franchise Launch year: 1989
Initial Investment: 50 lakhs (approx.)

This place has come a long way from being a tiny-town salon to a big group in our country market. It provides good support to the franchise with design, training, and marketing. It is an old name that has a good reputation in the market.


This salon is an establishment as dealing with cosmetic treatments for women and men. Other variations of this type of business involve hair salons and spas. We support the franchisee in every manner so as to make their business a victory. We offer Pre Training starting from the set up of the Business to its successful running. We also offer Post Training to the Franchise owners i.e. auditing and checking all services being done by a franchisee at their zone.


It is one male-focused grooming salon business set up in 2018. Truly a store with a unique take considering the major part of unisex salons. 

It draws from a North American styling of grooming services. They provide exceptional beard and hair grooming, head massages, premium shaves, revitalizing facials, and haircuts for children. 

They have an easy-to-navigate E-hub that provides good quality training. This salon closely assists and monitors its franchisees in giving out their best support and certain quality services. 

Selecting to provide a franchise at this place will cost you an investment of around a few lakh and a need of a 1000-2000 sq feet store place. A salon franchise in the country with a low investment rate with a higher ROI. 

To get connected with them, you suppose to fill in a form accessible on their site if you are ready to purchase a franchise from them. 

Naturals Salon

It is a local brand in the nation with a pretty powerful vision. To liberate women to become entrepreneurs; hence, financial independence. 

This salon has been around long enough to set up numerous stores in many Indian cities with over a thousand professionals under them. They concentrate highly on refining and perfecting services and offering the best experience for their customers. This salon has its training academy to certain quality services with the needed communication and technical skills.

Their services involve bridal services, hair care, body care, and skincare. The foremost investment is either 30 lakh or 55 lakh (your choice). They need a space of around 250-500 sq feet. 

Getting a franchise in our country for this renowned label is a good deal. No requirement to worry about marketing, but you grasp from business experts with decades of experience and knowledge, reasonable investment, special training, and management support.

Looks Salon  

Another well-reputed label is Looks salon which has been around the place for more than 35 years. They have over a hundred plus branches in our nation. It is a unisex salon that provides different services for both men and women, such as beard grooming, hair styling, hair treatments, facials, and nail care. They also provide loyalty cards for their regular clients.

They will offer high-quality consultations and training to their franchisees to create a well-rounded customer-concentrated salon franchise in the country. 

They have an online form that you can easily available through their site. All the basic information about their business is accessible on their website as well.


These are good business opportunities. Individuals are keen to spend a great number of dollars in a salon that has trained employees who are fair at their jobs and are friendly with their staff. It’s a necessary service especially in the nation we live in today where everyone needs to look their best. VIOZ SALON is India’s fastest growing salon franchise. We bring the latest trends in hairstyling and world-class customer service to your doorstep. With our innovative app, you can book an appointment or send a gift card to a friend from the comfort of your home or office – no more waiting on hold or making a trip to the salon!

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