In India there are lots of different regions and religions which have their different traditions and mindsets about bridals and their makeup in weddings, ring ceremony, and various other different activities according to different traditions.

Same is the case here in the capital city of  Dwarka Delhi in india. Here bridals are from different religion whether it is Sikh , Hindu or even Muslims and Parsi. There are a lot of different traditions and  Practices here in Delhi which also decides the type of the makeup for the bridals and offcourse the bridal makeup price too.

Though Wedding is a pure meet of relationship between two individuals and their families too. But nowadays it has become a way to show someone’s status by spending more and more money in their wedding ceremony or at least in the makeup of the bride. The most popular example is a well known businessman and the richest person in india Mr. Mukesh Ambani and his family, during their daughter’s marriage Ms. Nita Ambani, her wedding clothes i.e the lahenga only wes priced near about 90  crores. And the price of only one of  her wedding cards was 3 lakh. And the total money spent on her wedding is almost more than 750 crores.

As everyone is not super rich as of the Ambani’s to do such things and spend money on a wedding like them as it is not easily possible for someone in a middle or a higher or even most of the people in the richer class of society. So, let us discuss about the actual cost of doing a bridal makeup here in the capital city of Delhi.

But as Delhi is the capital of the whole state there resides almost every type of people that came here for work or studying purposes and settled here too.

So let us also take a look at the types of brides in Delhi.


punjbi  bridal makeup images
Punjabi bride

A Punjabi bride typically wears red or bright coloured apparel with a chudha and hanging kalire. Henna also plays an important and vital for them, that is applied terribly fabulously on their feet and arms. She wears little accessories like anklets, armlets, nose rings and tikka.


MUSLIM  bridal makeup images
MUSLIM bridal makeup images

Green color is that the quality shade of Muslim bride that’s hyperbolic with golden and red coloured work. They wear Ghagara or sharara along side with a dupatta of great embroidery. the jewellery is mainly consisting of rich and expensive metals like gold and kundan. Parsa is also a very vital head accent or ornament that is usually tucked on the very left side of the head for very best fitting and steadiness . Whereas They additionally wear a tikka too.


 PARSI  bridal makeup images

Parsi Brides are though off to be really sleek as a result of their simple all identical appealing bridal dress and exotic vogue. religionist wedding is named as half and a religionist bride is somebody that everybody will dream of marrying. attired throughout a white or cream coloured frock with token jewelries, religionist girls ar really engaging brides.

As hindu brides have no barrier they can be dressed and practised in wedding like whichever region they were born or are already living .

The cost of a bridal makeup depends upon how much details and quality you want and most importantly from where are you getting it done.

If you go to a small local beauty parlour it would get your bridal makeup done starting from just Rs 2000/-

And may be a beauty parlour better than this will do it for nearly about Rs 5000/- .But if you go for professional makeup artist or a professional makeup salon their prices usually starts at Rs 10,000/- for a regular makeup and for an  airbrush makeup they would definitely charge more and starts at Rs 12-13,000/- The more premium artists would charge about 50,000 And the top end artists who have usually worked with Bollywood celebs and can go up starting from about 1 lac. They usually have a support staff who will do the setup and the main artist would overlook everything and do the final thing. Costs of bridal makeup also varies in a large amount with the change of seasons. Similarly, during mid winters (usually known as marriage season by many of the native Indians) the popular artists are usually  booked by  others and might charge a more premium cost of doing your makeup.

But all these professional and premium options can be usually aforded by rich people. But as targetting more towards the lower and higher middle class the budget only remains at a maximum of  Rs 10,000/- and not more than that and why going to so much more premium makeups as these entry level makeups can do a very descent job done for a wedding ceremony. But this is not the only cost of bridal makeup. As we said that there are a total of 3-4 ceremonies before wedding according to different traditions and practices the total cost of bridal makeup only starts from Rs 6000/- going upto Rs 50,000/- respectively in Delhi.


How much bridal makeup cost in india
How much does it cost for bridal makeup in Dwarka Delhi 
How much does it cost for bridal makeup

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