Hair Smoothening Or Keratin Treatment Which Is Better?

Every lady desires hair that is smooth, vibrant, and ready to use. Hair that is silky and straight adds a whole new dimension to the appearance. Ladies visit salons in order to achieve this fantastic and elegant look. Salons abound in the marketplace, offering excellent hair straightening services. There are numerous options available, ranging from straightening to smoothing to keratin treatment. However, before you take the leap and get your hair straightener, you need to understand the differences between them and which one is ideal for you. Do you really want to know hair smoothening or keratin treatment which is better, stay tuned, you’ll get all your answers by the end of this information.

Even though, hair smoothening and keratin treatment have own importance for distinct purposes. In fact, before knowing directly hair smoothening or keratin treatment which is better, you need to have a little knowledge about them. Well, If you want to know the comparison of Hair smoothening or hair straightening which is better.

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Hair Smoothening Or Keratin Treatment Which Is Better?

What is hair smoothening?

Hair smoothing is a technique that makes your hair free from frizz. This technique involves saturating hair with a solution and then straight hair with a flat iron. Formaldehyde is a chemical that is used in hair. It separates the hydrogen bonds that keratin molecules contain.
The hair smoothing process is not hard in comparison to hair straightening.
Hair smoothing lasts for two to five months. It is highly recommended for those people who have frizzy hair.

Is Smoothening Good For Hair?

Hair smoothing is a perfect process for those who have frizzy hair. It is perfect for people with thin hair.
It eliminates the frizziness to make your hair smooth and straight.

Hair Smoothening Side Effects

• Dizziness or Skin Rashes

The hard and harsh chemicals that are applied during hair smoothing can cause nausea and skin rashes.
Many people have complained about the burning sensation on their faces. Scalp and hair are likely to get affected in this process.

• Hair Fall

Hair smoothing does have some side effects and hair falling is one primary disadvantage of this. A hair smoothing process contains a formaldehyde chemical that can break the hair root.

• Other side effects are

•Hair dryness
•Split ends
•Hair Thinning
•Hair discoloration

Hair Smoothening Cost

The cost of hair smoothing depends on customer preference and requirements. Some factors that vary are how badly hair has been affected. Which spa or salon are you’re going to?
Normally, in India, hair smoothing costs around 4000-8000.

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What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment is a process which helps you to smooth and shine your frizzled hair.
Usually, hair gets frizzy when the cuticle lifts. The cuticle is the outermost layer of hair.
Lifting of hair allows the moisture and environmental factors to sleep on your hair. It makes your hair frizzy.
Keratin treatment helps to smooth down the cuticle and then it seals the cuticle.
It makes your hair free from frizz and helps to get back your natural hair.

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Is Keratin Treatment Good For Hair?

Keratin treatment has come out as the best treatment for smoothing your hair.
It is a time-saving treatment, especially for those who mostly style their hair in a straight way.
It cut down the drying time by 60 per cent. Keratin eliminates frizz and roughness in your hair. Your hair remains smooth even in humid weather.
Keratin hair treatment protects your hair from the sun and serious environmental damage.
It is a long-lasting treatment that can smooth your hair for three to two years. Seven months. It is time and money-saving treatment.

Keratin Treatment Side Effects

It is certain for any chemical treatment to have some side effects.
Keratin is a formaldehyde treatment that increases the risk of body rashes and also poses a risk of respiratory problems. Many consultants have raised concerns that long-term treatment of formaldehyde raises the risk of cancer. Formaldehyde is a gas and inhaling it is bound to do some serious body damage.
Over straightening a hair can raise the risk of weak hair roots. It can cause breakage and hair falls. You are likely to miss hair volume after the keratin treatment as it will make your hair smooth and sleek.

Keratin Treatment Benefits

• Smooth, shiny hair

Keratin smooth cells overlap to develop hair strands. This helps your hair to become more manageable and frizz free. This gives your hair a smooth and healthy look.

• Long-lasting results

Your keratin treatment can last a long time, for six to eight months. If you don’t wash your hair regularly only three times a week, it is more than enough for your hair.

Keratin Treatment Cost

Treatment of keratin depends on various factors. It depends on the length of your hair and the salon you’re going to. Designers charge. Normally, in India, it ranges between around 4000 to 8000. You can read here 6 best salon for keratin hair treatment .

Which Is Better Keratin Hair Treatment Or Smoothening ?

Everyone has a desire to get beautiful, natural and good-looking hair. Some get it naturally while some take treatment to achieve this. Keratin treatment and hair smoothing are both totally different types of hair treatment. You should know the difference between keratin and smoothing. Many people have this question keratin vs smoothing and it is important to understand which one is better for you.

Hair smoothing is a chemical process in which the bonds of your hair get broken using strong chemicals. This chemical damages the hair internally. On the other hand, Keratin treatment is a process that helps your hair to get natural protein that is essential for your hair. Through this treatment, the bond of your hair doesn’t get broken. Hair smoothening or keratin treatment which is better, still?

So which is better, keratin or smoothing?

Honestly, both the treatments ensure you have soft, shiny and frizz-free hair. The treatment of smoothing lasts a long time, for three months, while keratin treatment, which is done using formaldehyde lasts about five months. Keratin therapy repairs your hair from the inside. It adds shine and smoothness to your hair.

On the other hand, smoothing is done by using harsh chemicals. It can make your hair root weaker. And also causes hair to fall. Keratin treatment is better than smoothing in this way. Now, You would be aware of hair smoothening or keratin treatment which is better for your hair.


Which is best keratin treatment or smoothening?

Both keratin and smoothing are different from each other in every perspective.
Keratin treatment is better for those people who have frozen hair and that hair lacks smoothness. The result lasts for 6 months through keratin treatment. It is time-saving treatment. You should not have to visit a hair spa regularly. On the other hand, hair smoothing is a chemical process that treats the hair using a formaldehyde solution. Formaldehyde is a gas and it is advised to do your hair smoothing process with a professional one.

Which lasts longer, Keratin or Smoothing?

There is a huge difference when it comes to the time period of these treatments. A smoothing treatment lasts a long time, for six to nine months. On the other hand, keratin treatment lasts long time, for four months. There are many factors that decide the time of these treatments. Self-care of your hair is also important in this.

I think, it might not be your question hair smoothening or keratin treatment which is better. You can decide yourself that which hair treatment would be helpful for you. You can also go to this website to book an appointent for hair treatments.

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