Top 10 Salons in Kolkata

The Top 10 Salons in Kolkata

India’s cultural capital, Kolkata, is recognized for its illustrious past, inquisitive nature, and creative flare. The people of Kolkata have an eye for elegance and a passion for grooming despite the bustling city life. Numerous salons have popped up in this bustling city, providing top-notch beauty services to meet the varied needs of its multicultural population. In this post, we will examine the Best 10 Salons in Kolkata, where elegance meets beauty and where professionals create life-changing experiences to accentuate a person’s inherent beauty.

Vioz Salon

Among Kolkata’s elite salons, Vioz Salon is one of the best-kept secrets. Vioz Salon, which is situated in a tranquil area of the city, has developed a devoted clientele as a result of its dedication to excellence and individualized services. The salon provides a lovely selection of beauty services, such as facials, skincare, cosmetics, hairstyling, haircuts, and hair coloring. The skilled stylists and beauticians at Vioz Salon are renowned for their imagination and focus on detail. They take the time to learn about each client’s preferences to make sure the finished product captures their distinct personality and sense of style. Vioz Salon keeps on top of the game and offers cutting-edge looks that make an impression, from timeless haircuts to the newest trends.

Tony & Guy

With its widespread recognition, Tony & Guy is a name associated with cutting-edge looks and modern trends. The Tony & Guy location in Kolkata upholds the excellent standards of the company by providing cutting-edge hairstyles, hair coloring, and haircuts. The Best Salons in Kolkata has a group of stylists with international training that utilize high-end products to guarantee that clients leave with a self-assured and fashionable appearance.  

B Blunt

Adhuna Bhabani and Avan Contractor, two well-known celebrity hairdressers, founded B Blunt, which has quickly emerged in Kolkata as the go-to salon for fashionistas and trend-setters. This Best Salons in Kolkata offers customized haircuts, hair treatments, and hair coloring services to celebrate individuality and self-expression. B Blunt’s specialization is in interpreting each client’s distinct personality into an exceptional haircut.

L’Oreal Professionnel Salon

The L’Oreal Professionnel Best Salons in Kolkata upholds a high standard for hair care and style as a representative of the international L’Oreal brand. Their talented stylists employ the best L’Oreal products and the most recent techniques to produce amazing results. L’Oreal Professionnel Salon makes sure that customers enjoy excellent services and an opulent experience, whether they are getting a traditional haircut, a new hairdo, or hair care treatments.

Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics

In addition to hair care, Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics is the Best Salons in Kolkata provides all-inclusive skincare solutions. Leading a group of skilled doctors and aestheticians, this upscale clinic offers individualized skin treatments utilizing cutting-edge technology. Kosmoderma is a refuge for those looking for remedies to their skin troubles, offering everything from laser therapy to anti-aging treatments.

The Lakmé Salon

Lakmé Salon in Kolkata, a reputable name in the beauty sector, combines foreign know-how with Indian sensibilities. From skin and nail treatments to hair styling and makeup, the salon provides a wide range of services. Every customer who visits Lakmé Salon departs feeling attractive and confident thanks to the salon’s emphasis on innovation and excellence.

Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon

With a reputation for quality, Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon has long been a well-known brand in the haircare sector. Their staff of talented hairstylists excels at providing traditional and modern haircuts, hair treatments, and coloring services. It is the Best Salons in Kolkata Every visit to the salon is a joy because of the welcoming staff.

Green Trends

A well-known salon brand, Green Trends is renowned for its reasonably priced yet excellent beauty treatments. Numerous services are available in their Kolkata location, including haircuts, hair styling, skincare, and bridal packages. Green Trends places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, making ensuring that customers receive individualized attention and depart happily.

Habibs Hair & Beauty Salon

Habibs Hair & Beauty Salon is a well-known name in the beauty industry. It was founded by the legendary hairstylist Habib Ahmed. The salon provides a range of hair and aesthetic services, all of which are provided by qualified experts. Habibs Salon is one of the Best Salons in Kolkata that assures its clients that they will have a wonderful experience, whether they choose a traditional hairstyle or a contemporary makeover.

Femina Plus

In Kolkata, Femina Plus is a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. In addition to haircuts and hair styling, the salon also provides skincare, cosmetics, and spa services. Femina Plus serves a wide range of clients and has a team of highly trained beauticians and hairstylists to make sure everyone feels pampered and gorgeous.


The top 10 salons in Kolkata on our list have perfected the art of changing people into their most confident selves. Beauty and elegance go hand in hand in the bustling metropolis of Kolkata. These salons provide a wide range of services that are tailored to the city’s diverse population, from cutting-edge skincare procedures to top-notch hair styling. These salons are outfitted with the newest methods and qualified specialists to make sure you leave feeling like a star, whether you’re searching for a traditional makeover or a modern transformation. Take advantage of these finest Best Salons in Kolkata, where beauty and elegance converge, and treat yourself.


Q. What services are provided by these renowned salons in Kolkata?

Ans. These salons provide a wide range of services, such as haircuts, hair coloring, hair styling, hair treatments, skin care, and bridal packages. Additionally, some salons provide specialty services including laser hair removal and anti-aging therapy.

Q. How much experience do these salon stylists and beauticians have?

Ans. These prestigious salons employ highly skilled and qualified stylists and beauticians. Many of them have undergone training abroad and keep up with the most recent developments in the cosmetics sector.

Q. Do these salons employ top-notch products?

Ans. Yes, the use of high-quality products is a priority at these salons. Many of them collaborate with well-known companies like L’Oreal, Tony & Guy, Lakmé, and others to guarantee that clients receive excellent services without being shortchanged.

Q. Are the costs reasonable?

Ans. Prices differ from one salon to the next. While some salons might charge extra for premium services, others offer more affordable options. For price information, it’s best to visit the salon’s website or get in touch with them directly.

Q. Can I make reservations online?

Ans. Yes, the majority of these upscale salons in Kolkata allow for online reservations. For convenient appointment scheduling, you can visit their websites or use their mobile applications.

Q. Do you provide any unique packages for events like weddings or parties?

Ans. A lot of these salons indeed provide unique bridal packages and party makeup treatments. These packages offer a thorough and unforgettable experience while catering to the particular demands of consumers on special occasions.

Q. Are there any references available for consumer feedback or testimonies?

Ans. You can find client feedback and endorsements on the salon’s websites and social media accounts, yes. You may also browse online forums and beauty platforms for additional client reviews and experiences.

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