Top 10 Salons in Ahmedabad

Top 10 Salons in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, a thriving metropolis in India, is well-known for its extensive cultural legacy and active way of life. Despite the hectic pace of city life, there are many ways to take care of yourself and pamper yourself. Ahmedabad’s salon sector has expanded significantly over the years, and today the city is home to some of the best salons that meet the needs of its citizens in terms of beauty and grooming. The top 10 salons in Ahmedabad will be examined in this article; each one provides a special combination of talent, ingenuity, and individualized service to guarantee an outstanding salon experience.

Vioz Salon

One of Ahmedabad’s top salons, Vioz Salon has quickly gained recognition for its superior offerings and welcoming atmosphere. This hip salon takes pride in its modern approach to grooming and beauty, offering a variety of services to both men and women. Customers may anticipate being greeted by a group of talented and enthusiastic stylists at Vioz Salon who stay current with the newest styles and methods. Vioz Salon makes sure that every client leaves with a grin on their face, offering customized hair treatments and styling in addition to stylish haircuts and brilliant hair color makeovers.

Envi Salon & Spa

One of the Best Salon in Ahmedabad, the word Envi Salon & Spa is closely associated with elegance and luxury. This well-known salon, which is situated in an upscale region, has a staff of stylists, colorists, and beauticians who are well-trained and experienced. From facials, massages, and bridal makeovers to haircuts and hair coloring, Envi provides a wide range of treatments. Each customer leaves the salon looking and feeling their very best thanks to their commitment to employing top-notch products and incorporating the newest trends.

Juice Salon

Known for its cutting-edge approach and creative flare, Juice Salon is the Best Salon in Ahmedabad and a trendsetter in the beauty business. Juice Salon provides its customers with a stylish and laid-back ambiance at its numerous locations throughout the city. The salon’s skilled staff offers modern haircuts, creative hairstyles, and reviving skin treatments. Juice Salon caters to a wide range of preferences and produces excellent results, whether you want a simple touch-up or a dazzling makeover.

Lakme Salon

As a well-known brand in the cosmetics and beauty sector, Lakmé Salon has made a name for itself as one of the Best Salon in Ahmedabad and the most reliable beauty destination. Lakmé Salon guarantees each client receives top-notch service by providing modern amenities and a variety of beauty procedures. The salon’s knowledge and luxury goods ensure a pleasurable experience, from bridal makeup to premium skincare services and hair care.

Toni & Guy

A well-known international brand with a strong following, Toni & Guy has a strong presence in Ahmedabad. The salon, run by a group of talented experts and creative directors, is renowned for its cutting-edge haircuts, startling hair color changes, and modern hairstyle. Toni & Guy constantly produces results of the highest caliber and maintains its position as a leader in the city’s hairstyling scene thanks to their keen eye for the newest trends.

Jean-Claude Biguine

When you enter Jean-Claude Biguine, you feel as though you have entered a world of French luxury. Offering a wide range of services like haircuts, hair treatments, facials, and nail care, this posh salon exudes refinement. The salon’s focus on the little things and personalized approach guarantees that customers receive services that are customized to their unique preferences and lifestyle.


Popular among young people in the city, BBlunt stands out for its modern and up-to-date menu. The salon, which was established by well-known hairstylist Adhuna Bhabani, has a staff of professional stylists that excel at creating stylish haircuts, brilliant hair color makeovers, and edgy hairstyles. To meet the varied hair needs of its clientele, BBlunt also provides specialized treatments for hair care and nourishment.

VLCC Wellbeing Centre

VLCC is a well-known brand when it comes to all-encompassing beauty and well-being solutions. They provide a variety of services at their wellness center in Ahmedabad, including innovative skincare and hair care products as well as weight loss programs. VLCC focuses on comprehensive well-being and combines the knowledge of skilled experts with state-of-the-art technology to get excellent outcomes.

Sizzlin Scizzors

Sizzlin Scizzors is a buzzing and the Best Salon in Ahmedabad salon that takes pride in always being on the cutting edge of styles and trends. The talented staff at this salon makes certain that each client’s vision is skillfully realized. Sizzlin Scizzors serves a wide range of customers, including men, women, and children, offering everything from fashionable haircuts to personalized hair coloring and hair extensions.

Studio99 Unisex Salon

The beauty and grooming market in Ahmedabad is dominated by Studio99 Unisex Salon, a rising star in the industry. This salon has developed a devoted clientele by placing a priority on offering high-quality services at competitive pricing. Haircuts, hair styling, skincare, and cosmetics are just a few of the services that Studio99’s talented stylists and beauticians excel at. They place a high priority on client pleasure and work tirelessly to produce extraordinary salon experiences.


The top 10 salons in Ahmedabad provide a varied and enjoyable beauty experience, each with its distinctive charm and expertise. These salons serve the many demands of the city’s people in terms of beauty and grooming, from opulent settings to cutting-edge centers. These salons raise the bar for beauty and quality in Ahmedabad with their qualified staff, cutting-edge methods, and premium goods, turning the city into a refuge for people seeking self-care and pampering.


Q. What are the most important factors to take into account when picking an Ahmedabad salon?

Ans. When choosing a Best salon in Ahmedabad, take into account elements like reputation, client feedback, the skill of the stylists and beauticians, the scope of the services provided, the use of high-quality products, and the atmosphere and cleanliness of the salon in general.

Q. Is the pricing at Ahmedabad’s best salons fair?

Ans. Depending on the salon and the services used, prices can change. Best salon in Ahmedabad typically charge more since they offer superior treatments and use high-quality products. But they also frequently provide good value and enjoyable experiences.

Q. Do these salons provide services for bridal makeup?

Ans. Ahmedabad’s leading salons provide bridal makeup services. On the big day, women will look their best thanks to their skilled makeup artists who specialize in bridal styles.

Q. Can I make appointments at these salons online?

Ans. To make their customers’ lives easier, Ahmedabad’s best salons have adopted online booking technologies in the majority of cases. You can make appointments at your favorite time and date by visiting their official websites or mobile apps.

Q. Are there customized beauty packages available at these salons?

Ans. Yes, a lot of salons provide individualized beauty packages to meet customers’ needs and tastes. The salon staff will build a package that is specifically tailored to your demands once you and they have discussed your wants.

Q. Are the beauticians and stylists at these salons properly trained?

Ans. Yes, the best salons in Ahmedabad frequently use qualified and seasoned staff. To keep up with the newest trends and methods in the beauty industry, many stylists and beauticians attend frequent training.

Q. Which hair treatment options are offered at these salons?

Ans. These salons provide a variety of hair treatments, such as keratin treatments, hair extensions, hair spas, coloring, styling, and haircuts. They offer services for various hair issues and varieties.

Q. Do these salons provide any services just for men?

Ans. Yes, Ahmedabad has a large number of upscale salons that specialize in grooming guys. These services could include male-specific haircuts, beard care, shaving, facials, and other skincare procedures.

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