The Secret to a Simple and Natural Makeup look

Natural Makeup

“Every person is beautiful without makeup but makeup helps to bring out a better version of ourselves”. Makeup is seen to have revolutionized people’s perceptions and choices. Today, it is not just a fair skin tone that matters. A dark yet glowing skin is what every lady wants to own.

Since time immemorial, makeup has been a tool for most of the women helping them raise their level of confidence. It is rightly believed that makeup is a fine art, with the right amount of product and the correct brush, every woman can turn into an artist. Having noted the importance of makeup, it is also essential to understand that anything is excess is bad. Similarly, excess amount of makeup can bring lots of criticism. Today’s beauty banners read ‘sometimes, less is more’. The modern day fashion goal of every woman is a “no-makeup” makeup look. And to achieve this, they have started resorting to simple, especially, natural beauty products. Such a look is more practical for the everyday hustle of life.

There can be two ways of hitting the proper ‘natural makeup look‘: one can be using minimal products to get the desired simple look whenever you want, other can be to regularly use natural, organic stuff to live an entire life with a ready-to-go face.

The first step towards a naturally beautiful look is taken by hydrating the skin. Use of good quality vitamin-C serum and a light moisturizer are the prime needs. Before stepping out in the sun ,never forget the sun’s cream . For a flawless look , a primer is always recommended. It covers the pores and helps to do away with wrinkles. The primer also adds to a smooth base for foundation to lather upon and hold the makeup in place all day long. For a natural look, just a foundation upon the primer and setting powder with unnoticeable eyeshadow would do. Foundation gives a complete finish to the face. However, choosing the right foundation can be difficult at times- one with low or medium coverage is what a natural look demands. Setting all the little product that has been applied by a perfect powder brings you closer to your favorite look. Applying an eyeliner, mascara or highlighting are optional but moisturizing the lips is a must. Chapped lips are a sign of an unhealthy body. After nourishing the lips, any light lip color can be applied and you are all set to nail the natural makeup look.

Moreover, there do exist skin types that are not suited to any random cosmetic. Such people only opt for natural beauty products. Use of aloe Vera gel or coconut oil rejuvenate the skin , hydrates and moisturizes it. They also act as natural primers and serve the purpose of smoothening the skin. Many organic foundations have been launched by some of the trusted brands which promote a healthy skin. Further, regular use of these items add to the overall health of our skin and it stops needing any additional makeup to shine. Lemon, turmeric and neem are known to have magical healing properties too. Nature houses many such secret ingredients whose perfect blend assures healthy and happy skin forever. However, it is also mandatory to understand that our daily routine and lifestyle has a major impact on our appearance. Dermatologists rightly point out, what we eat reflects on our face. So, it becomes

all the more important to take a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to always have a glow on the skin without any external help.

Over all these years, people have started becoming aware of what they are putting on their face. Organic skin care products started gaining popularity because people are gradually becoming more inclined to living in Nature’s lap, which is a good news. They want to stay away from any possible side-effects that might accompany usage of cosmetics with chemicals. Paraben and sulfate – free products have taken the market by storm. Natural products reduce the chances of skin irritation, rashes and hence, can easily be used even by people with sensitive skin. Some essential oils like rosehip oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil rather add up to the overall growth of the skin and hair.

When carefully observed, natural makeup offers numerous benefits which lack in any inorganic beauty compound. They promote natural glow on the skin, provide the much needed nourishment to our body in such a polluted environment and most importantly, keeps us rooted to our origin. By reducing dependence on chemical and allergens based products, we not just make our skin look younger but also, bring more peace and happiness into our lives. After all, when look into the mirror and see a shine on your face, you are filled with contentment. salon in delhi .

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