What are the 6 basics nail designs

What are the 6 basics nail art designs?

Nail design basically refers to the different shapes of the nails that are created while doing or performing the different nail art ideas. Nail design plays a very important role in the total outcome of the nail art even if you follow or do a Beautiful Nail Art Designs but the shape is not good or complementing the design then the whole efforts will go waste.

Many people believe that Beautiful Nail Art Designs can only be done with the expensive tools but that is not true it can easily be done with the help of a very simple and easily available thing which is a nail paint there are very different and very beautiful nail paint designs which can be easily done. Nail and nail designing is one of the most famous career options these days and many people are becoming very successful by just doing this.

The art of nail designing just require some creativity to become successful. There are many different academies who teach the art of Beautiful Nail Art Designs most of the people in this business mostly use their creativity to create different nail art ideas or just copy the nail paint designs from the online websites as per the needs of the people.

The six basics nail designs are:

1. Coffin shaped nails:

The very famous design also known as ballerina nails. These nails came in fashion after that of Rihanna and Kim kara dashiyan beautiful nail art designs and just like other trends it became very famous in the nail world. To create these nails you require a steadier hand because in order to create these nails you will actually have to sculpt the nails on the basis of the nail form only. As your guide using the nail form, sculpt the acrylic bead into a squarish shape with a flat top. Then, using a nail file or a electric drill you can start shaping the sides of the dried nail until its slightly tilting near the top. Repeat the same step on the other side and finally flatten the top to create the coffin nail designs. You can use different nail art ideas to enhance but what is suggested is to use the basic nail paints or to very simple nail paint designs.

2. Oval shaped nails:

The best suggested nails for the people who want that there fingers should appear a little longer. It also very easy to do this design you do not require any fancy tools but just a filer will do all the work you just need to file the nails from sides and curve it from the centre as well and after you are done shaping it you can do different nail art ideas to give it a more beautiful and attractive look.  Also you can create this nail designs by a process :  With the long nails, file your nails starting from the sides. To the centre, curve the nail file but don’t make the top pointed. This will give you a slightly elongated sides and a top with roundness, same as like a oval should look like. This nail art design are very famous and customers just love this shape! Its makes the fingers long elongated and also it is quite easy to do.

3. Almond shaped nails:

 If you can’t handle long nails stilettos, then you have to try almonds- shaped nail that looks very attractive. These types of nails are best suited for the long nails. As the name suggests these nails do resemble the shape of a almond a lot. To create this nail design we need to file it towards the centre keeping the sides titled for the pointed top just like that of an almond. You can apply just a nail paint or do any nail paint designs to make it more attractive also to enhance it more you can do some beautiful nail art designs

The almond nail design is one of the most nail shapes of the moment and looks very attractive and easy to see. Some same name which resembles the nut designs is, utterly stylish, elegant and sophisticated.

For chubby fingers it looks very attractive because it makes nails long and hide the chubby fingers.

4. Square shaped nails:

 This one is probably the easiest one to do and one of the oldest yet the most elegant nail design it is a type of nail deign on which the nail art ideas or designs come out very elegantly. To create this nail design you just need a nail cutter and a buffer. First you need to cut the nails in the shape of square and then just buff the sides you need to be a little careful so that you do not cut the sides of your nails. To enhance it and give it a more beautiful look you should do the beautiful nail art designs which will give a very attractive.

5.Stilleto shaped nails:

These nails resemble the shape of the almond nails but are more pointed than those nails. These nails are a little difficult to create because it requires some tools and also the proper training to create the exact stiletto nails. Some people prefer doing different nail art ideas on them but what looks best are the simple nail paint designs. Once you’ve gatherd them, however shaping your nails would be easy as 1-2-3. This shaped nails looks elegant and classy and also go with most any bridal dresses. This design looks attractive on both longs and short nails amd also match any skin tone. Stiletto nails also the weakest as it makes the long and slender nails more prone to breaking.

6.Round shaped nails:

These nails look great on elongated fingers as it gives a little shape to it. They appear somewhat like that of oval shaped nails but is more curved in the centre. You can easily do this nail design with just a filer you need to focus just on the centre of the nails to give a curved look. You can follow or do different nail art ideas to enhance the look but what is suggested is to do the basic gel nail paint designs with bright colours. 

Round shaped nails are straight sides but are rounded off at the edges. Round shape nails are best for your hands as it makes your fingers elongated and makes them look slender. If your nails are prone to brekage, it’s best to keep them short and round. 

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Ques – What are the 6 basics designs?.

  • Coffin shaped nails.
  • Almond shaped nails.
  • Oval shaped nails.
  • Stilleto shaped nails.
  • Square shaped nails.
  • Round shaped nails.

Ques – What is the biggest nail size?

Ans – Nail sizes

  • 8d- 2 ½ inches
  • 10d- 3 inches.
  • 12d- 3 ¼ inches.
  • 16d- 3 ½ inches.

Ques – What nail shape looks longest?

Ans – Best nail shape: Oval, This makes your fingers more slender to balance out the length of your palm and appear longer. They gives you a gently taper the free edge into a semicircle and file the sides of your nails straight.

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