Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Considering a Keratin Treatment

Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Considering a Keratin Treatment

For maintaining strong and healthy hair, keratin—the protein that helps strengthen hair to reduce breakage, heat damage, and frizz—is crucial. However, keratin straightening, the salon service that guarantees silky-smooth hair, has long been associated with serious health risks. In this article, you will know things to keep in mind if you are considering a keratin Treatment.

The world has always admired and been envious of people with hair. Beautiful hair is a blessing given to a select few. The chosen few walk the earth unaffected, swishing their perfect hair and making the rest of us jealous while we struggle with our hair every day. Having said that, it’s imperative that we take care of our beloved bird’s nest, otherwise known as our hair. Let’s rely on science this time instead of using home remedies. Another ground-breaking method for hair, the Keratin treatment, was introduced along with amazing advancements in the beauty industry. This treatment has undoubtedly developed a devoted fan base with a high success rate and a sizable clientele. Do you want to try it too? Continue reading to learn why and how it can give your hair the silky waterfall look you’ve always wanted.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

Our skin, hair, and nails all contain the structural protein keratin. Although the term “keratin treatment” is a misnomer, it is frequently found in styling products in helping to strengthen hair. Is keratin treatment good for hair is everyone question that comes in mind.

Fitzsimons says that keratin treatments are semi-permanent hair straightening procedures that smooth and add shine to frizzy hair. However, the use of keratin is not how the treatments function. Hair is worked through a solution containing a formaldehyde derivative or (much safer) glyoxylic acid to break the bonds and reseal them in a straighter position in order to make the hair straighter. The results can last for even three to six months after the solution is blow-dried and sealed with a flat iron. Fitzsimons says that the treatments are effective on the majority of hair types and suggests them to anyone who wants to lessen frizz, increase shine, or frequently stop blow-drying or straightening their hair. Here you will get to know is keratin treatment good for hair.

What is the purpose of a Keratin treatment?

It is very popular among men and women because keratin is artificially added to the hair while a keratin treatment makes it look smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. These procedures fill up in the porous areas of your hair that developed as a result of keratin loss. These hairs’ excessive porosity leads to breakage, tangles, and frizz. A keratin treatment essentially rebuilds your hair by reintroducing the lost protein into your hair strands.

What can you anticipate after a keratin treatment?

After a few months, this treatment’s silky smooth hair gradually disappears. In the end to the straightening/rebonding procedure, a Keratin treatment. It won’t completely flatten out your hair, remove all volume, or cause your roots to grow curly and your ends to be sleek. The ingredient Keratin functions somewhat like an extremely potential deep conditioner. Is keratin treatment good for hair is the question that arises.

The treatment’s outcomes vary from person to person as well. That which has been damaged in the hair is essentially rebuilt. You can anticipate post-treatment benefits like shiny, less frizzy, and manageable hair. A person with extremely curly hair may develop less curly and straight ringlets. In contrast, a person with curly hair would end up with straight, polished hair. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the stick-straight hair you were hoping for because everyone will experience the treatment’s effects differently. A keratin treatment is very less about stick-straight, unnatural-looking hair and more about manageable, smooth, fuss-free hair with a salon-worthy blow-dry look.


Determine whether a keratin treatment would be appropriate for your hair before you leave for the salon. It doesn’t mean you’ll like it just because your best friend did. Leading hairdressers claim that hair with curly or frizzy textures responds best to keratin treatments. On the other hand, people with fine or moderately straight hair should completely avoid the treatment. Is keratin treatment good for hair after the pre treatment is done is learned here.

Consulting your hairstylist prior to receiving treatment is another crucial step. Selecting a reputable and skilled hairstylist for your hair is a good idea. You would be sure to receive the formula best suited for your hair by consulting with the stylist. This is crucial because not all keratin treatments are created equal. Reading up on the procedure in advance would also be beneficial because it will give you good information on what to anticipate. Remember to ask about the cost because it varies depending on the length of the hair.

The Step-by-Step Methods

This is a long treatment, so choose a day when you have a huge amount of time and are free. The following steps make up the treatment, which lasts about three hours. Here you will get to know is keratin treatment is good for hair or not.

  • Shampoo (Shampoo but not conditioner)
  • Blot dry to eliminate all moisture
  • Use of the Keratin solution
  • Hair is allowed to dry.
  • Another blow-dry session
  • A flat iron was then used to help seal the solution.
  • Job done!

The end result would be silky, shiny, manageable hair that, when properly cared for, would last at least three months. Although this treatment has no known adverse effects, formaldehyde usage has come under scrutiny. The chemical, which has been used in the production of many household items, is unquestionably not thought to be particularly safe. Due to this, the skin and eyes may experience minor irritability or infection. Therefore, it is crucial that the procedure be carried out by a qualified hairstylist. Is keratin treatment is good for hair is learned here.


Is keratin treatment is good for hair during the post treatment process?. After the procedure, it is advised to spend money on high-quality dry shampoo since you cannot wash your hair or put a rubber band in it for at least 48 hours. Although your hair becomes more manageable after treatment, your hair care routine won’t change significantly. You’ll still have to work harder to take good care of your hair. The majority of the time, stylists will suggest a sulfate-free shampoo. As the shampoo won’t interfere with the treatment, this would guarantee longevity. Ask your hairdresser about after-care products to keep your hair silky smooth for longer. 

Is it distinct from rebonding and smoothening?

The hair structure is not chemically changed during keratin treatment, but hair is given more shine and manageability. Also, the treatment alters the makeup of hair to make the tresses sleeker when it comes to smoothening and rebounding. The outcome varies as well because the keratin ritual gives you a more natural appearance than rebonding.

What does keratin treatment cost?

The hair’s length, texture, and thickness all affect how much this hair treatment will cost. The brand and product that will be applied for the treatment vary between salons as well. However, this ritual typically costs INR 6,000 and up. The ideal price range is lower for short hair and higher for longer hair.

Depending on your type of hair and the products used, keratin treatment will affect you differently.

Benefits Of Keratin Treatment

The following advantages of keratin treatments are generally to be anticipated:

Smooth hair- Your hair can lose its natural keratin as a result of sun exposure, hair dye, and other chemical treatments, leaving porous areas that are more prone to breakage and other types of damage. These areas that have lost keratin can be “refilled” with it using keratin treatments. A smoother hair shaft, as a result, leads to silkier, shinier hair.

A keratin treatment can straighten curly or wavy hair, depending on the products used.

More even curls- Yes, keratin treatments don’t always leave you with hair that is perfectly straight. Some formulations will only lessen frizziness, resulting in softer, smoother waves or curls and if you want to know the Differences Between Basic And Advanced Hair Styling Course. Then you can check Vioz Academy.

Thicker hair- Keratin treatments can strengthen your hair and reduce breakage by replacing lost keratin in the hair shaft. As the strands are less likely to break, some people may be able to grow their hair long as a result. Restoring keratin through a keratin treatment can strengthen hair as well as give it a thicker appearance. Is keratin treatment is good for hair is learned here.

If you choose to receive a keratin treatment, be sure to discuss your expectations with your stylist. To help you get the results you want, they can modify the products and the process.

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Although keratin hair treatments frequently use formaldehyde, which can have a number of negative side effects, they can be an efficient way to achieve smoother, shinier hair.

Although some manufacturers claim their products are formaldehyde-free, many of these still contain formaldehyde in some form. Although the long-term health effects of the occasional keratin treatment are unknown, you might want to avoid them if you’re particularly sensitive or suffer from allergies or asthma.

Additionally, if you are expecting or nursing, it is best to steer clear of keratin treatments.

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