Our Vioz Hair Stylist Shares Winter Hair Trends for Blondes

Our Vioz Hair Stylist Shares Winter Hair Trends for Blondes

When the weather is cold and inviting in the winter, who doesn’t love to think about roaring fires, melted caramel, and hot cocoa? Why not incorporate those feelings into a modern, trending hairstyle that also has a wintry vibe? Balayage is a technique that uses hand-painted highlights to give the appearance of subtle, natural fading without obvious lines. The variety of hues and colour tones that can be combined into a special blend for a distinctive, brand-new winter hairstyle will delight those who are new to Balayage in Vioz.Winter Hair Trends for Blondes

There is a balayage style for everyone, whether you prefer long waves and tumbling curls in hues of mocha or honey, silver, grey, auburn, or neon!

A Common Winter Look is ombre.

A Common Winter Look is ombre

A Vioz ombre hairstylist can change a regular hairdo into a gorgeous winter “do” that fades different colours from top to bottom to produce a winter-themed overall look that lasts for weeks! In a traditional ombre style, the highlights start out darker at the roots and get lighter as they get closer to the ends. For those who like to deviate from convention, a reverse ombre is ideal. The fade in this fashion starts out light at the top and gradually gets darker toward the mid-shaft.

People wearing ombre in Vioz, North Carolina, may have rich cherry or plum tones, ashy browns and blondes, or even platinum grey. Every existing hair shade, texture, and personality has a matching colour scheme!

What Separates Balayage from Ombre Hair?

Both of these popular hairstyles use personalised highlights. In contrast to ombre, which produces a more uniformly diffused appearance, balayage allows for a more subtle, customised placement and saturation of colour. Make an appointment with our Vioz Salon hair stylist to get your ideal winter colour scheme!

Shades of Shadow Root

Shades of Shadow Root

According to Sarah Leah Rona, co-owner and master stylist at Arisa Hair salon in New York City, “a lived-in colour is a look that is super-low maintenance because everything is off the root and has lighter tones that frame the face in all the right places.” According to Brittany Johnson, senior content manager for Mayvenn and a licenced hairstylist, rooted styles allow for some time in between appointments, which may be ideal for the winter when you’re staying inside and hunkering down more.

There are still proper and improper ways to rock a rooted style, claims Rona. Ask your stylist what kind of undertones your skin has before choosing a colour for those face-framing highlight pieces. For instance, Rona advises choosing a brown with a more reddish undertone if your skin is more on the olive side and you want to go with a rooted, rich brown. This will bring out your natural glow. If you have a naturally pink undertone, she advises, something more neutral will look better on you. We never want your skin and hair to look the same.

Diamond Tones

Consider mermaid hair, but make it wintry by using a slightly more muted colour scheme. Other jewel tones are standing out as the hottest, high-impact colours right now instead of teals and purples, and they aren’t all that dissimilar from the traditional Christmas hues of red and green.

Johnson adds, “We’re also seeing deep ruby red and emerald greens, which make the wearer pop.” However, the inspiration is more from fine gemstones than from candy canes and trees, so search for hues with a hint of edge and sophistication.

Be aware that if you go with a jewel tone colour and have dark hair, you’ll probably need to lighten it first to achieve a truly brilliant shade. Additionally, these shades will need a lot of maintenance.

White as Snow

You might be hankering to go platinum-white after binge-watching HBOMax’s House of the Dragon. Olson anticipates that demand for this striking shade will only rise this season as a result of the show’s popularity (and perhaps also in anticipation of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, which is scheduled to arrive in 2023), but that doesn’t mean that this icy blonde is appropriate for everyone.

According to him, “Platinum white is not a hair colour that most clients can easily achieve.” Frequent salon visits are necessary for reglossing or toning your hair to maintain your white icy blonde, not to mention the touching up of your natural hair growth. These icy, white tones will fade and go more yellow the more you wash your hair.

Winter Hair Trends for Blondes

Winter Hair Trends for Blonde

According to Olson, going platinum will cost you time and money, so be aware of this in advance. For your transition into ice queen territory, he also advises consulting a professional; this is not a DIY-friendly shade or a match for just any mane.

Even if your stylist uses the right products and takes all the necessary precautions, your hair will still sustain some damage because “not everyone’s hair quality is going to be ideal for going so blonde,” he warns. After going so blonde, he advises, “be prepared to buy products that will help to reconstruct, hydrate, and rebuild your hair’s quality.”

Despite everything, this look is stunning, and you can maintain it by waiting at least 48 hours after your colouring appointment to wash it, which will allow the colour to settle and set, and only washing with cool water—even in the dead of winter. Cooler water will help preserve this hair colour much longer because warm water will remove toners more quickly, according to Olson.

Know About Different Beauty Trends

Watching Red

According to Olson, who cites actress Shay Mitchell, a typically dark brunette, as leading the charge for red shades at the moment, “the copper trend we are seeing become so popular is for everyone.” With easy-to-wear auburn shades, some customers can play up their ferocious, wild side while others can play it safe and more naturally.

In order to find your best copper tone, Olson advises having a thorough consultation with your stylist. They should also help you determine your level of commitment to colouring, or how frequently you want to visit the salon, as well as the suitability of your skin tone for various shades (warm versus cool as mentioned above). You can look at inspiration photos, sure, but ultimately, your stylist should recommend a colour that won’t clash with your skin tone, whether you decide to go with a more natural, muted copper or something vibrant and eye-catching, according to Rona.

With color-preserving products between salon visits, like those from KEVIN.MURPHY’s Everlasting.Color Regimen collection, which are formulated with an acidic pH to guard against colour loss, you can keep your copper from veering into drab or dull territory once you’ve decided on your best version of it. Red also requires a lot of maintenance, according to Rona, because it ages more quickly than other pigments.Winter Hair Trends for Blondes

Brownie Bronde

Biscuit might be your best new shade match if you love blonde hair but want to give it a little edge for the winter. “Biscuit or ‘bronde’ coloured locks with higher contrast and less saturation are being requested more,” says Rona. “Our blondes want less blonde and more contrast,” the advertiser said.Winter Hair Trends for Blondes

Ask for hand-painted balayage in beigey, tawny tones to get this colour. Instead of a head full of highlights, Rona advises using lighter pieces to accent the areas where the sun would kiss them and more natural, lived-in placement.

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