Keratin Treatment vs Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Treatment vs Smoothing Treatment

You don’t want to have flyaway, frizzy hair, especially since party season is quickly approaching. Hair treatments can help with that. They do wonders by eliminating flyways, taming frizz, and smoothing out any rough edges, making you party-ready whenever you want. However, if you prefer to do things on your own, the right mix of shampoo, conditioner, and serum can produce comparable results. In this article you will learn about Keratin treatments vs Smoothing treatments .

keratin vs smoothing are the keywords when referring to smooth locks. You need to be aware that there is a distinction between shampoos and conditioners despite the fact that they are frequently used interchangeably and are perceived to be the same. That is what we’ll talk about next.

Keratin Treatment versus Smoothing Treatment

The terms smoothing and Keratin are often used interchangeably because they both deal with controlling frizz and taming hair, but there are differences between the two, especially when considering hair treatments.

While Keratin replenishes the protein keratin in the hair and scalp, smoothing detangles hair and adds shine without altering the texture. It also guards against sun damage, dangerous chemicals, and pollution.

How do keratin treatments and smoothing treatments work?

Popular salon services like smoothing and keratin therapy make hair more manageable, shinier, and glam. So let’s examine their operation in more detail.

  1. Smoothing hair

The procedure starts by thoroughly soaking the hair’s cortex with a solution. The hair is then dried and straightened with heating rods. The result frequently has hair that is soft, bouncy, and smooth and lasts for three to six months. Instead of dense hair, thin hair is frequently preferred for the treatment.

The benefits of choosing to smooth include a more natural overall appearance and milder chemicals during the saturation process compared to other treatments. They are therefore less likely to harm the hair in any way. Smoothing treatments are affordable because little post-care is needed afterward.

  1. Keratin Treatment

Protein synthesis is the main focus of keratin therapy, as was already mentioned. The procedure starts with soaking the hair in a solution, just like smoothing. To coat the cuticle, which functions as a kind of armour, with keratin protein is necessary. The hair is then flattened after being blow-dried.

Typically, the effects last three months. The treatment then concentrates on resupplying the hair’s Keratin and bolstering weak hair. It works well to hydrate the hair, make it easier to hydrate and style, and guarantee that it appears dense and voluminous.

The fact that keratin therapy thoroughly conditions and moisturises hair is one of its benefits. Additionally, it manages hair without giving it an unnatural appearance. However, Keratin treatments can be somewhat pricey and call for routine upkeep. Knowing your hair type and what you want from the treatment will help you choose between them even though both offer you shinier, smoother, healthier-looking hair. You are more prepared to choose wisely now that you understand the distinction between smoothing and keratin. Don’t jump right in, though. If you choose to have a salon procedure, talk to your stylist about your options and pick the best one for your hair.

Home hair keratin vs smoothing treatments

One of the exciting aspects of the time and age we live in is that many treatments previously only available in salons can be modified and reformulated into goods used at home. That’s right, using the ideal combination of products, such as Keratin and smoothing shampoos and conditioners, will help you tame your tresses.

  1. The Simple Way

Smoothing shampoos and conditioners give hair a smoother texture and give waves and curls more definition. Quality is necessary, though. You cannot simply use shampoo and conditioner for a polished finish.

As a result, you ought to spend money on salon-grade goods. Smoothing shampoos thoroughly clean the hair of dirt and product buildup, preparing it for the conditioner’s strengthening of the hair and the cuticle-tightening effects of smoothing agents.

Stronger hair is the first benefit of using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. Together, the products support frizzy hair, making it strong and resilient without feeling heavy. They are a wise decision if your hair is brittle and damaged.

In order to effectively control frizz, moisture and hair resilience must be increased because damaged hair is more prone to frizziness and flyaways. For up to 72 hours, the best products can keep their sleek appearance. In addition, washing coloured hair causes the cuticle to open, allowing the pigment to leak out and eventually cause the colour to fade.

Smoothing shampoos and conditioners of salon-quality are designed to nourish the hair and slow the fading process, leaving it luminously glossy. Hair smoothing serums and hair masks, in addition to shampoos and conditioners, can provide a more immediate result while nourishing the scalp and hair.

You can make use of products designed especially for chemically treated hair. For delicate hair care products that have been chemically treated, for instance, you can use the Rice Water line of products from different shops. You can always use hair shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask made with naturally derived ingredients safe for chemically treated hair, even though oiling may impede the keratin and smoothing process.

  1. Using Keratin

One of the constituent parts of our skin, hair, and nails is the protein keratin, which is produced naturally in the human body. It strengthens the hair’s structure, making it shinier and smoother. It is a crucial component of hair treatments and products because of this.

Shampoo and conditioner for keratin smooth hair are stronger than typical products. They reinforce cuticles, replenish keratin protein, and guard against breakage to strengthen and fortify hair. They defend against environmental harm as well. Together, the products nourish and cleanse the hair and scalp of impurities. Frizz-free, smoother, shinier, and easier to manage hair is a direct result of healthy, damage-free hair. Additionally, shampoo, conditioner, keratin serums, and hair masks are successful at nourishing and controlling hair.

Utilize Your Smoothing or Keratin Products to Their Full Potential

Here are a few things to remember when using keratin or smoothing treatments at home.

  1. Always select high-quality goods that you can rely on or that come highly recommended.
  2. Pick products with low sulphates, silicone, and paraben content.
  3. Thoroughly wet your hair before using shampoo. To maintain moisture, use warm water rather than hot.
  4. Massage the shampoo into your scalp and hair using gentle strokes. Make sure the shampoo is distributed evenly. Avoid being combative.
  5. Thoroughly rinse your hair. Do not leave any residue behind. and press all of the water out.
  6. Apply your conditioner gently. If the conditioner needs to be removed, wait a while, then rinse once more and pat yourself dry.
  7. Use a hair mask once per week to strengthen and nourish hair. Pay close attention to the directions on the packaging.
  8. When using a serum, apply a few drops to clean, damp hair. After that, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the serum.
  9. Serum shouldn’t be applied to the roots or used excessively because it can make hair look greasy.
  10. Use a heat protectant spray before styling your hair to prevent heat damage, especially if you plan to use hot tools like flat irons and curling irons.


The dream of having sleek, silky, and shiny hair is attainable, whether you opt for a salon treatment or an at-home regimen. The secret, however, is to keep in mind that keratin and smoothing treatments differ, despite how similar they may sound, and to pick the best one for your hair.

Vioz Salon services have proven very successful in taming unruly hair and giving it a lustrous appearance like the locks you see on TV models. However, at-home remedies also show their value in taming flyaways and frizz while nourishing and strengthening hair. Whatever path you take, know that you can have hair that is bouncy, soft, and healthy. Get moving, then!

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