Hair Coloring Cost at a Salon in Delhi

How Much Does Hair Coloring Cost at a Salon in Delhi?

Hey, fabulous! Hair dyeing isn’t just for models or celebrities these days. We all want this, and we all love trying the same hair color trends. Hair color is a great option for special activities, makeup, or grey coverage. But sometimes you can just dye your hair for no reason – just like that! That’s why, hair coloring cost in delhi would be an ideal question for those who are trying hair colour for the first time.

Before you go for the Hair Colour you should have a few basic expertise like your hair texture, the shade suits on your face cut, and the emblem you may cross for. Hair Global Colour is first-rate for the ladies who’re seeking out the whole makeover for hair. No issues if your hair is Curly, Wavy, Straight through Nature, you could pass for the color you need to paint on your hair. A rich shade can also assist you appearance lovely and shinier. There are many ways of hair coloring; the utmost common is hair global color.

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If you are planning to go to a salon to have your hair dyed, here is everything you need to know about the cost of dyeing your hair in Delhi.

Hairs coloring that is available in Delhi salons

Before you move for hair coloring, you may discover what the one-of-a-kind hair coloring techniques are and their names, so that you can plan. Here are the primary services you’ll be able to locate at most proper salons:

  • Global hair color: For full head hair coloration
  • Hair shade contact-ups: This is commonly for roots best. Or it can be global (for the whole head if the hair color is faded or re-grown).
  • Ombre: This is a gradient hair coloring technique.
  • Highlights: somewhat emphasize the use of aluminum foil.
  • Balayage: select hair by hand.
  • Hair color transformation: This can be the use of more than one hair shade or hair color that is too special than your base color. Like black to blonde. Or blue with yellow highlights.

Cost of hair dyeing in Delhi salons

Wondering how much does hair coloring fee at a salon in Delhi or how much hair colour price in delhi? Short answer: it can cost anywhere from ₹ 1,500 to ₹ 8,500, depending on the service you are receiving and the salon you are in. If you need to recognize an element, carry on with this article.

Hair Coloring Costs for Global Hair Color for ladies:

  • ₹ 2000-₹ 4000 for girls for short to medium hair
  • ₹3,000- ₹ 5,000 in a great salon for medium to long hair
  • ₹ 7500 and up at a luxurious or premium salon

For guys:

  • ₹ 700- ₹ 1500 for guys at a nearby salon
  • ₹ 1500- ₹ 2500 at top rate salon

The cost will rely upon:

  • How distinct the selected hair color is from your unique hair shade
  • Length of hair
  • Hair texture
  • Salon/location

Average Cost for Root Touch Ups for girls:

  • ₹ 1500- ₹ 3000 for the neighborhood to top-class salons.
  • ₹3,000- ₹ 5,000 for medium to long hair in a luxury salon.

The cost will depend on the salon and the number of contacts required (how long it will take to get contact information).

Cost for Ombre for girls:

  • ₹ 3000- ₹ 4000 at a nearby salon
  • ₹ 4000- ₹ 5500 for double shade ombre
  • ₹ 4500-₹ 6500 at a luxury/premium salon

For guys:

  • ₹ 700- ₹ 1500 for guys at local/non-branded salon
  • ₹ 1500-2500 at luxurious/top-class salon

The cost will rely on the salon, color, hair texture, and the amount of highlighting required.

Cost for Balayage

  • ₹ 3000-₹ 4000 at a nearby salon
  • ₹ 4500- ₹ 5500 for two-color marking
  • ₹ 4500-6500 at a luxurious/top-class salon

The cost will rely upon shade selection, hair texture, the amount of hair shade required, and salon.

Cost for Highlights

  • ₹ 3000- ₹ 4000 at a local salon
  • ₹ 4500- ₹ 5500 for double shade balayage

The cost will depend upon color choice, hair texture, the amount of hair coloration required, and the salon.

Average hair color conversion cost

  • ₹ 5000- ₹ 8000 for 3-4 colorings.

The hair color cost in Delhi will depend upon hair duration, the number of colors you pass for, what colorings, and many others.

The average cost of hair dye for other services

There can be other offerings like flamboyage, frosting, and so forth. That can price anywhere among the 5K-6K, depending on the provider and salon. Hair color charges in Delhi is already clarified above.

Why Choose for Global Hair Colour Treatment

  • Cover up grey hair from root to tip, hiding all from root to tips
  • Global color is a superb option for darkening or lightens your real hair shade
  • Coloured your hair in the past and dwindled, brief worldwide hair shade will cover up the sooner dwindled one
  • You can test with a formidable coloration, pass for burgundy and deep wine color, and deliver a whole makeover
  • You can change base shade black to Green and Blue, just bleach the entire hair blond and observe colors like reds, blues, and inexperienced.

Hair Coloring Tips in Delhi Salons

  • Ask for ammonia-free hair shade as tons as viable.
  • Make sure they are using a good brand like L’Oreal.
  • Make positive your hair is easy and oil-unfastened earlier than you move for your hair coloring appointment.
  • If you requested for grey hairs to be blanketed and also you experience disillusioned with the coverage, don’t hesitate to move again the day after today or so. They will be happy to touch it for free.
  • Make sure you have financed or an estimate of the cost before making an appointment. Explain your necessities in reality to give you finances. They will want to look at your hair and what color you need to switch to in order to give a definite answer.
  • You can take a reference image for the desired coloration result.
  • Ask stylists to rate what works for you, even if they know what you need. Sometimes, their suggestions can tell you what will affect your hair texture or skin tone.
  • If you are unsure, ask them how hair colors are trending day went.

Top Salons in Delhi to move for Hair Coloring

Here are some of the largest salon chains whose shops you’ll find in Delhi.


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