Hair Smoothening

Are you sick of your curls? Are you in need of a makeover? So, what’s more, important than hair smoothing? Hair smoothening is a hair treatment that adds shine and straightens your hair without causing damage. And with a little practice, you might be able to reclaim your antique look. This is the remedy’s brilliance. We understand that every time you go for a hair treatment, you have concerns, therefore we’ve taken care of everything in one location.

Hair Smoothening

What is the Price of smoothing your hair?

In Delhi, the cost of keratin treatment the type of hair you have, and how long it lasts is important all over the world. In general, a basic hair smoothing process costs between Rs.4000-Rs.8000. It is an expensive system, but it is definitely worth the investment. Keep in mind that the cost of hair smoothing varies depending on the length of time, the type of hair, and the salon you select.

What exactly is hair smoothing?

Smoothing hair is also known as a Brazilian blowout, cysteine treatment, or Keratin treatment. It is a chemical technique that cleans, softens, and shines on your hair. Your hair is rinsed with a formaldehyde solution, rinsed, and then straightened with a flat iron in this treatment. A simple keratin treatment can last anywhere from two to five months, depending on the treatment you choose. It now not only does not injure your hair, but it also reduces hair fall. While disinterested in this, you can pass lower back in your regular hair all over again. After the smoothing treatment, all you need to do is apply a sulfate-free shampoo.

This treatment is suitable for frizzy and wavy hair. It straightens hair and prevents it from wrinkling, keeping the shape the same and resulting in fewer damages. Because the technique is a little complicated, it’s always best to get professionals to deal with those chemicals. It takes roughly 3-6 hours for a single session, which is a somewhat exhausting operation with great outcomes.

What are the Benefits of Smoothing your hair?

  • Hair smoothing does not necessitate the use of any equipment; you can simply use your fingers to follow the contents.
  • It has the ability to calm the word for an extended amount of time without using any chemicals and without causing any harm.
  • Hair smoothing no longer includes harsh and powerful chemicals that entirely alter the shape of the hair. This is a mild system that reintroduces your regular hairs.
  • Hair smoothening is one of the best ways to have a diffused-looking hairstyle quickly.
  • This treatment can be done on hair that is totally dyed, comfortable, and bleached.
  • It makes your hair soft and shiny while also improving the luster and sheen.
  • There is non-permanent damage.
  • It gives you soft, glossy hair.

Procedure for Hair Smoothing

  • First, the salon will shampoo and dry your hair.
  • A formaldehyde solution is used to treat the hair. The hydrogen bonds in the keratin molecule are broken by the water in the response.
  • Get rid of the answer.
  • Blow-dry, then straighten with a flat iron.
  • To seal the ironing result, use any other 15-20 minute cream.
  • Wash your hair, then blow it out and finish.

After the Smoothing treatment, What will be done?

  • You should not wash your hair for three days, and you should not tuck, pin, or bind your hair in any way.
  • Salons may even tell you that you shouldn’t use hair oil for the smoothing operation for about 15 days afterward.
  • Even when awake, I can instantaneously hold my hair.
  • What will be done three to four days after the procedure?
  • After three days, shampoo your hair and leave the conditioner on for longer than usual.
  • Warm water should not be used to wash hair because it dehydrates the tresses.
  • A dented hair comb can be used to remove the hairs. DO NOT brush your hair.
  • Apply hair serum to protect your radiance from the sun, dirt, and dust.
  • The treatment gives your hair nourishment and makes them clean and delicate.


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