10 Latest Design Bridal Chura for Wedding 2021


Bridal Chura latest designs for wedding

When you see an Indian bride, the gorgeous charms adorning her hands are a commodity you will find in every culture and tradition. The significance of bridal bangles is assumed in every part of the Indian wedding ceremony as they are considered to be one of the most important parts of a bride. From the traditional red & ivory Punjabi Chura, gold Kada to Chur and Shakha Pola as a part of Bengali bridal jewelry set, bangles depict Suhaag or the holy conjugal state of a bride. Although red has been the traditional Chura color, brides are not alarmed to experiment with other colors these days. So, presently we have a spectacular collection of Dulhan Chura designs in different colors, combinations, and styles. Check them out for some relief!

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1:- Colors of White Chura Design 

White color has always been a sign of soothing vibes. However, this chura design is it! The combination of white and golden nowise goes out of style. If you’re that bride who loves everything simple. These closing chura designs prove to be a mark of simplicity and classiness. Who would have allowed that these ivory and white chura sets will amp up the bride with grace? To all the brides planning to go all red and dull, white-colored chura sets have got your rear! Conclude for these lovely bridal chura designs and brilliant your precious day with a bang!

2:-The Bangle and Kada Chura Design

Loads of bangles paired up with gold, silver, pink, studded, Kundan kadas make a stunning bridal chura set and add oomph to the Dulhan look. Cheer your wedding day with these mesmerizing bridal chura designs while you perform all the rituals in style. However, these Chura sets are a triumph- triumph! , If you’re in the process of picking individuality unique.

3:- The Pinch Of Pastels

Do you have a soft corner for light tinctures but don’t wish to sheugh the nothing-so-bridal vibe? These latest chura designs 2021 will make you service the ‘Raani’ vibe to the fullest. Ditch the red chura while you slay in these lovely light tinctures! If not red, tinctures of peach, pink and deep greenery are the favorite of all millennial brides. Embrace the beauty of gorgeous Dulhan chura while you make recalls with your favorite ones.

4:- Classic Blood Red & White Dulhan Chura Set

Because sometimes the classics are the fashionable choices! The blood-red and white is the traditional Dulhan Chura color that will nowise go out of style. However, the red chura along with a Polki collar or Kundan jewelry would just complete your look, If you are planning to go with the traditional betrothed jewelry. Sport a blood-red lehenga for the ultimate Dulhan look!

5:- Red and Golden Chura Set

Notwithstanding, either take some cues from this bottommost chura design, If you want to beautify a red chura but wish to add a touch of uniqueness and glam. From the touch of Kundan to the set white charm, this Chura set is all you need to start the new baselines with Nazakat. We’re drooling over the latkan jewelry in this beautiful chura set. Are you? Play smart by differing evergreen red color with a winking gold shade. Add a vitality of glam to your outfit while you pick this gorgeous Dulhan Chura.

6:- The Subtle multi-colored Chura Set 

Are you that bride-to-be who loves to play with colors? If yes, either this terminating chura design is the right pick for you. The tones of cool blues are always a good option to ace the promised look with beauty. We love how the chura set complements the golden lavaliere! If you’re a summer bridal or planning a vagrant wedding, this chura set will help you achieve the ‘Princess Goals’ with ease.

7:- The Red and Blue Dulhan Chura 

Planning to wear a blue lehenga on your wedding day but don’t know how to match the chura set with it? This lovely chura set design has got you covered! Complete your calming outfit with the interspersed blue Kada and shades of red while you rock the ceremonial with your ‘Queening vibe’. Chura sets always add a being of charm to the bridal outfit. So, picking the perfect bridal chura design is a must!

8:- Baby pink & white Dulhan Chura 

Some brides have always a soft corner for the pink! And if you are one of them, your heart will just melt with this one! This endearing Dulhan Chura in baby pink combined with white would be an apt choice for your bridal Chura if you are going for a faded shade lehenga. Wear a diamond choker or white gold jewelry to go impeccably with your concluding chura design.

9:- Sky Blue & Pink Beautiful Dulhan Chura 

Did you pick a ravishing light blue lehenga for your big day? Either pair up your bridal dress with this concluding chura design which is in sky blue and baby pink color. The spot-on color cooperation of your lavalieres and wedding dress would fully steal the show. Either, the combination of blue & pink is a sure-shot winner material! Further your enchantment with a statement collar in large blue stones and matching earrings and Matha Patti.

10:- Mehendi Green Fancy Dulhan Chura 

Prefer contrast to matching? If you are wearing a red lehenga with green borders, try this varying ultimate chura set in Mehendi green color with several cream ones at both ends. The beautiful green lavalieres would look stunning especially because of the fact you matched them with your lehenga border color. Play with colors while choosing your other jewelry. Like, go with large golden statement earrings and a choker necklace with green stones.

Choose your closing chura design while you keep your bridal clobber in mind. Try new styles, colors, combinations, and accessories for your Chura depending on your unique sense of style and personality. You could go for two-fold colors or multiple colors for your bridal lavaliere set if that is what goes sporty with your outfit. A bridal’s lavalieres are her prized possession. No matter how multifold pieces of jewelry you enjoy, your bangles collection will always be the special one. So choose your Chura precisely!


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