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Hola everyone! Welcome to Vioz unisex salon, a chic and stylish place nestled in Noida.


Today, what started as a passionate venture for affordable beauty care turned into an elite Salon in Noida. We are a team of dedicated stylists, beauty experts, and style curators who believe that true beauty lies in who we are.

Our beauty services have an inexpensive range; we offer bridal treatment for you to look nothing but gorgeous on your Wedding day and haircuts full of vogue for special events, be it formal or informal. As a service industry, nothing matters to us more than your satisfaction, and to meet that, we only use premium quality products for your beautiful skin.

Vioz Salon, a Unisex Salon in Noida, looks forward to being the trendsetter in the beauty domain with stupendous client service. With their years of experience, our beauty experts ensure that each client gets personalized attention, and if there’s one thing you can take back with alluring looks should be a joyful heart.

If you’re searching for the Best Wedding Makeup or Party Makeup, then do visit us and experience the best quality services at relatively affordable prices. We introduce lots of offers for our clients and try to maintain a cordial relationship with them to become our regular clients.

Our Services

VIOZ Salon provides the most natural looking, yet glamorous and stylish services. A Premium Bridal Makeup Artist is on hand for your big day. Ask about our Chemical Services for a totally natural look that lasts all day. Feel free to text or call any time for more information

Bridal Makeup in Noida

Bridal Makeup

Makeup by VIOZ salon is genuinely has trained Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Dwarka. Who will make sure that you have a pleasant time while they get you ready for all the functions and grand nights? They will get you dressed for your special day in the Best Bridal Makeup possible by having the and Best Bridal Makeup Artist and top brands.

Party Makeup in Noida

Party Makeup

Looking for the Best Party Makeup Artists In Dwarka. So, you are in the right destination. A party around the corner or just outing dates with your special ones, you just need an amazing glow with our makeup services to looking gorgeous in parties and dates. Our team of Best party makeup artists are always on their toes and ready to serve you with the amazing skills.

Groom Makeup In Noida

Groom Makeup

Therefore, grooms need to wear groom makeup just as much. The finest location to go for the ideal makeup appearance for your wedding is Vioz Salon, the Best Groom Makeup in Palam. The makeup routine for grooms is different and is handled solely by our professionals at Vioz Salon. They'll force you to look at wedding makeup pictures, and you can get a good idea of how you want to appear.

Chemical Services in Noida

Chemical Services

Say hello to the Best Hair Treatment Salon in Dwarka, Delhi. Formal, yet flawless: that’s the best way to describe our Hair Treatment Salon. We can do it all, from the most natural to the most glamorous finish. It might sound like an overstatement, but it’s really not. Smooth Hair is a form of art, and this is an artist we’re talking about.⁣⁣

Eye Lashes In Noida

Eye Lashes

An eyelash is a hair that grows along the edge of the eyelids. It forms a single layer on the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelashes shield the Eye from dirt, dust, and minute particles, and they serve some of the same roles as whiskers on a cat or a mouse in that they are sensitive to touch, indicating that an object is close to the Eye. Many cultures regard long eyelashes as a symbol of attractiveness. Eye Lashes near me? Vioz salon provides the best eyelash and makeup.

Nail Art in Noida

Nail Art

VIOZ NAIL ARTERS is an upscale Boutique Salon that specializes in fashionable and trendy Nail Art. Our experienced nail technicians are trained to shape, color, and shape again without any harmful chemicals. We will provide you with a mind-blowing look you’re sure to love!

Hair Extension Service in Noida

Hair Extension

Achieve a fresh look and feel with Vioz Hair Extensions. The 100% human hair is treated with advanced technology to ensure your extensions stay looking their best, even longer. Whether you want a full head of hair to compliment your natural locks or want to add a touch of fringe, the Vioz extension collection can help you achieve the style you desire.


Our Highlight

Vioz is a place recommended for the Best Salon In Noida. We ensure that our clients never get bored of their looks, and they get time to relax in their hectic schedules. Our salon is one place that you can trust blindly when you want to get ready for your special day. Be it Bridal Makeup Or Hair Treatments, we have an expert team for all services. We know that our clients enter with a dreamy look in their eyes and, therefore, assure them that they get the same look without any compromise. We aim to cater to all your grooming needs, relaxation facilities, and beauty treatments, all under one roof. To experience the exceptional benefits of the Best Salon In Noida, visit the nearest branch of Vioz Unisex Salon.


If the Best Barbershop Near Me is a part of your google's trending search, then your search is finally over because we at Vioz interpret that ideal haircut evoked to you in your mind.

Hair treatment

From a marvelous smoothening to such an easy hairstyle on the eyes, we provide services that will make you feel amazed. It would be best if you give time for Hair Treatments to get nourished hair and the luscious locks you want.


Our makeup, is it Party Makeup, eye makeup, or nude makeup, ought to mirror your personality, complement your outfit, and in particular, should remain intact through the entire function and the photos.

Bridal Makeup

Every bride wants to look astounding on the wedding day and wants her Bridal Makeup to be the best. We make sure that our bride looks exceptionally gorgeous on the most important day of her life.


Bleach And D-Tan

Face Bleach alludes to the use of products that lighten up the dull areas of your skin or helps you in getting an overall lighter complexion. If you have a great deal of facial hair, bleaching and D-Tan is a boon and enables you to avoid spending a hefty amount on Laser Treatment.

Facial And Cleanup

We at Vioz treat you with relaxing facials and cleanups. These fantastic services not only enhance your natural beauty but also keep blemishes at bay. So include Our Best Facial and cleanups in your daily beauty regimen.


Waxing, especially Full Body Wax, is a very time-consuming and a bit painful procedure. But we use products that are smooth on your skin, prevent you from rashes, and give them a soothing waxing experience.


"Never underestimate the power of threading."Eyebrow Threading is one thing that clients prefer to be done at the hands of their Trustworthy Beauticians. We assure you that you won't have to search anywhere else for your threading after trying our services.



Some people consider that Groom Makeup is unnecessary, but the wedding day is just as essential to the groom to be for its worth to the bride. We at Vioz offer groom makeovers that combine grooming, relaxation, and restorative, cosmetic treatments.


Manicure & Pedicure

Some people consider that groom makeup is unnecessary, but the wedding day is just as essential to the groom to be for its worth to the bride. We at Vioz offer Groom Makeovers that combine grooming, relaxation, and restorative, cosmetic treatments.


Nail Art

Treat your nails with our world-class glossy tints and Nail Art Design. We know that excellent nails often solve many problems, so we provide you with an opportunity to get relaxed and leave the stress of your perfect nails on us.



Vioz offers you a relaxing day by providing massages like body massage,head massage, and many more. It is an incredible way to unwind and de-stress. Massage therapy will encourage relaxation and boost your mind and mood; your relaxed and loosened muscles will promote more restful sleep.


Vioz Salon - for all your Special Occasions

Rome was not built in a day, and we believe the same, so we offer you Pre Bridal Services to prep you up for your special day.

No two brides are the same, we don't focus on making any difference from the crowd, but we believe in carving of who you.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Our team of experts work with the finest products and accessories to provide you with the best service in town.

New Treatments

BEST OF THE DOMAIN  : Our beauty specialists are highly trained and experienced. With their meticulous work, they ensure that the skin gets nourished from inside and looks flawless outside.

SAFE AND PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS  : Our values and commitments makes us different from our contemporaries. We vouch for our product as much we do for our services.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE  : From the perfect ambience to highly qualified and friendly staff, we make sure you have an outstanding experience each time you visit us.



No matter how many discounts a salon offer, at the end of the day, the most crucial aspect for a client is to get top-notch services. Discount can make a customer visit once, but we believe that quality will make her your regular customer. The priority of Vioz is to give quality services at reasonable prices.

Pocket friendly

Salon in Noida are a bit pricy, but Vioz provides its customers with services that are a real bargain. It is also well known that a penny saved is a penny earned, so save your money by using the offers we introduce from time to time. No matter a customer is old or new, the offers we provide are best for all.

Relaxing Treatment

If you’re usually slammed with your office work and are in dire need of some time to relax, then you can let your hair down with our exceptional and relaxing services. We can assure you that our therapies like body, foot, and head massage will help you put your feet up and chillax.

Individual Attention

Our salon is a place where the stylists and the clients seem to be genuinely engaged. The staff does not get bored with their clients or bicker with each other while providing a service. The best salon treasures loyalty, and loyal clients feel appreciated and important when they get individual attention.


Vioz salon maintains high standards of hygiene because we want to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. The salon is cleaned twice a day, and every piece of equipment is sanitized after every service. Our team is taking extra precautions during COVID-19. We prefer to use disposable products so that the clients feel more reliable in case of cleanliness.

Updated Technology

We have an online booking facility, new software to keep track of client history and preferences, and a quick, easy, and effective tool for various spa operations to communicate. We at Vioz take the initiative to improve, and the best technology we use shows our strong desire to deliver the best service.

Trained professionals

Given, everyone beautician and hairstylist has their specialty, crimps or color or waves. But a client desires a quality cut and good makeup, regardless of the style. We have really talented stylists-with no weak links- it shows that we only accept the best of the best staff for our clients.


Salon services are not rocket science, but they are art. At Vioz, we believe that every art is the same but what makes an artist different is their innovation; just like this, the services provided by all salons are the same, but what makes them different is how they break the ground with their creativity.

Professional Consultation

Just like no individual is the same, no skin type is the same. Our team helps you identify your skin type, gives you professional advice for improving your skin, and uses only those suitable products for your skin.

Friendly Staff

At Vioz, we believe that a salon should have an interactive and social atmosphere, and stylists need to genuinely engender close relationships with their clients. Stylists are much more motivated to do a fantastic job when they care about their clients. We try to maintain a fun, engaging, and relaxing environment.

Bridal Packages

Be a card-carrying member of Vioz and enjoy the privileges offered by us.
We have three types of membership plans to offer, which you can't afford to refuse. Check out our top-notch plans and select the best one for you…

Mac Bridal Makeup

Starting From 5000/-

Be a card-carrying member of Vioz and enjoy the privileges offered by us.

Kryolan Bridal Makeup

Starting From 6000/-

Be a card-carrying member of Vioz and enjoy the privileges offered by us.

HD Bridal Makeup

Starting From 12000/-

Be a card-carrying member of Vioz and enjoy the privileges offered by us.

Airbrush Bridal Makeup

Starting From 15000/-

Be a card-carrying member of Vioz and enjoy the privileges offered by us.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hair color costs are different in different sections of India. From balayage to ombre, there are different prices in all salons. You can visit Vioz to know about our charges.

We use different types of nail polish for different nail arts. From metallic to chrome, we have an ample number of options for our clients.

Cleanup and facial are quite different because cleanups involve cleansing your skin, but facial involves cleansing and other treatments for refreshing your skin. It depends on the client’s requirements.

Yes, we cut toenails during a pedicure. Pedicure involves cutting, trimming, and shaping your toenails, foot massage, tending to your cuticles, and hydrating your foot skin.

Waxing should be done according to the skin type, but we recommend our clients go for Rica Wax during summer because it does not release oil and prevents rashes.

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